How To Retain New Hires With Effective Onboarding


Recruitment is a challenging part of running an organization. It can cost a lot of money, requires immense effort, and takes up a lot of time. Your HR team needs to do a lot to find exceptional talent with relevant skills and cultural fits. Unfortunately, not all new hires stay with organizations for the long haul. An ineffective onboarding process is often the culprit for people leaving sooner than later. You can address the problem by fine-tuning the process and taking more time to improve the early experience for recruits. Here are a few actionable tips for retaining new hires with effective onboarding.

Begun with the basics

Most companies realize what they need to do to make new hires comfortable in their settings, but they often miss out on the basics. Your onboarding process should teach them how things work within your organization, from getting an ID card to navigating the building, enrolling in health benefits, and understanding company policies and regulations. New hires must also see a picture of key processes and roles to feel comfortable in workplace settings.

Help people adapt and assimilate

Beyond the basics, you must help new hires adapt and assimilate organizational values and norms from day one. The process should continue beyond onboarding and extend to monthly or quarterly conversations. Managers should talk about the organization’s history, performance assessments, and growth opportunities. Connecting new hires with mentors is another viable measure to help them adapt sooner than later.

Set up early wins

Retaining new hires for the long haul is also about setting them up for early wins. You can provide them with realistic goals and timelines during the onboarding process to ensure clear expectations. The best way to do it is by understanding their capabilities and determining personalized targets instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach. You can gradually push them in the future once they blend into the organization and embrace the workflow. Conduct regular check-ins and provide input to help them cover gaps.

Communicate clearly

Communicating clearly is the key to making new hires feel secure and comfortable in a new workplace. Bringing people with the best capabilities and experiences does not guarantee the best outcomes. Every organization works differently, and people need to understand what good looks like to deliver their best. Seamless communication gives them a head start. Ensure they get insights into their accountabilities, boundaries, and available resources during onboarding. Also, outline their decision-making autonomy to keep them on the right track.

Build a sense of community

Building a sense of community for recruits during onboarding maximizes their chances of staying with the organization. Conversely, a sense of isolation creates a negative experience that pushes them to consider leaving the job soon after joining. Ensure that new hires get space and time to connect with co-workers. Assigning a work buddy is a great way to onboard them effectively. Also, managers should have a positive demeanor to minimize stress for recruits.

Effective onboarding is essential for any organization as it does more than help you make the most of new hires. A positive process can boost retention and lower the overall recruitment costs for your business.

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