How To Establish A Robust Mobile Presence For Your Business


Modern buyers are keen to shop on the go, so brands cannot rely only on a website to sell. You must build a mobile presence to facilitate sales and capture a significant customer base. But it sounds like an expensive and daunting project for small businesses. Even big brands may have some doubts regarding launching a successful strategy because it entails a great deal of work. While there are no shortcuts to consolidating a brand’s presence across a specific touchpoint, you can definitely achieve the goal with a strategic approach. Here are a few tips for establishing a robust mobile presence for your business.

Begin with a responsive website

A great-looking website gives your brand a head start in the online selling domain, but you need to think beyond the look and feel. The simplest way to ensure customers can reach you with any device is by having a responsive website. Such sites render seamlessly on all devices regardless of their screen sizes and specifications. A potential buyer can access your website through a computer, tablet, or smartphone without any experience glitches. The best part is that you also get an SEO advantage because search engines consider responsiveness as a key ranking factor. Ensure a responsive design right from the outset, or rework it to address the concern.

Invest in a mobile app

This one is a no-brainer because most brands have dedicated mobile apps, so not having one can put you behind the competitors. Buyers are unforgiving when it comes to online shopping experiences, and shopping on the go gets better with an app instead of a website. The good thing is that you can outsource development expertise to build an app on a low budget. But think beyond development and also collaborate with experts for mobile testing services. Testing your app is crucial because even a single compromised experience is enough to send shoppers away from good. Expert testers can detect the tiniest errors and bugs and help you address them before launching the app.

Implement a promotional plan

A responsive website and mobile app give a foundation to your mobile strategy, but do not expect things to work on their own. Your target audience should know about your website and app to reach your brand in the first place. Implementing an actionable promotional plan can help you extend your mobile outreach. You can start by promoting your app on the relevant app stores and social media. Running mobile ads and incentivizing app users are other good ideas. You can also reward users for referrals as they make a great way to promote your brand and get more downloads for your app. Also, maintain the momentum to keep the traffic coming.

A robust mobile presence is non-negotiable, no matter how daunting building it sounds. But the truth is that you can extend your outreach and establish your brand across the channel without humongous effort. Follow these simple steps to make the most of your mobile strategy and get your brand on the growth route.

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