How to buy stocks in Dubai?


People all over the world dream of receiving a net worth in their account so high it will allow them to retire early and enjoy life without ever having to work again.

However, for most, there is no such thing as “Early Retirement.” We all start this journey with nothing, but we hope to find ways to make money and invest wisely enough that we won’t have to work until our golden years.

Over time it has become easier for us regular folk to invest in markets and participate in decisions directly related to companies and sectors.

However, you need a starting point. I want to discuss how someone from Dubai can buy stocks.

For us regular folk to invest in companies, we need a way to purchase stocks.

In Dubai, there are many options for you to make this possible

Ideas on where you can buy stocks in Dubai

Stock brokerage accounts (online brokers)

Many online brokers provide buying and selling of the stock for people like us. Here I will discuss two of them which seem to have the best reputation out of all the other available options.

The good thing about these two specific brokers is that they do not require you standard KYC stuff, which keeps your information safe.

They offer a wide variety of investment options such as stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and more.

The downsides to these two online brokers are that their fees can be slightly expensive.

Unless you have a very high volume portfolio or hold specific products in your account (we will discuss this later).

To open an account with either of these online brokers, all you need is roughly 2 minutes on their website.

You will then fill out the information about yourself, including your name, email address, password etc.

Then they send you a confirmation email that tells you what documents you need to upload (standard KYC stuff like your passport and utility bills).

There is an option for “Express Funding, ” which means you can instantly wire or transfer money into your Regal Assets or Saxo Capital Markets account.

It will allow you to purchase stock and start trading right away. However, it will cost you a fair fee of roughly $150-200 with most brokers.

Exchange-traded funds

This is probably the easiest method to buy stocks in Dubai.

ETFs, take all of the work out of us so that we don’t have to research companies or follow their stock performance.

By buying into an ETF, you can easily purchase a basket of stocks representing specific sectors (telecom, banks etc.) and indexes like the Dow Jones, Nasdaq etc.

However, if you’re interested in investing in something like this, check out your online broker’s website for more information on how to trade them because they each do it slightly differently.

You may also need to open up another account with them to trade certain products segregated like this.

Mutual funds (brokerage accounts)

If you don’t want to manage your portfolio or buy specific stocks but still want to participate in the stock market, consider investing in mutual funds.

It is probably the most commonly used investment vehicle for those not knowledgeable about investments.

A mutual fund is simply a basket of stocks that an investment manager professionally managed (think money manager).

The idea behind this type of investment is that it allows regular people like us to invest without managing multiple accounts and many stocks individually.

Two different types of Mutual Funds differ in risk level. They are either Aggressive or Conservative funds.

In general, Aggressive Funds have higher risk and higher reward while Conservative funds have lower risk and lower reward.

To invest in a mutual fund, you need an account with a brokerage company such as Regal Assets or Saxo Capital Markets, etc.

Again this will require standard KYC information, but the good thing is that it usually costs near 0 for opening up one of these accounts.

However, there is usually a minimum deposit requirement of at least $500, which allows you to purchase the products inside your account.

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