How can a Dallas SEO Company Leverage Your eCommerce Conversions?


The journey of an eCommerce customer can only be said to be seamless when the person experiences a smooth transition right from “purchasing” to “experiencing”. The most indispensable key for expanding your business is to allow your audience to survey, conclude, and share, and then take lessons from what they have experienced. If you are from Dallas, several SEO companies are there that will offer you a data-driven approach. In this article, we are going to discuss how a Dallas SEO company can leverage your eCommerce conversions:

An SEO company will put browsing history to use:

Most online buyers like to purchase from an eCommerce store that provides a personalized recommendation. Therefore, the browsing history needs to be leveraged to boost the conversion rate.

Any reputed Dallas-based SEO company will offer you product recommendations, and this is one of the most important techniques that need to be included in your strategy. The user data like traffic, location, preferences, purchase history, and sources will be tracked by the SEO company. This will help you to highlight the products that are on the minds of the customers.

Your shopping cart needs to be persistent:

Your website must have a persistent shopping cart. People will add their items to the cart, and the cart must stay intact with the items.

A persistent shopping cart will monitor the unpurchased items that the customer has left in the cart. This information is saved for the next visit of the customer.

The SEO companies will help you to employ these shopping carts so that it influences the decision of the purchaser positively. Most of the Dallas visitors like to save their shopping carts for later to complete their purchase.

So, an SEO company will make sure that the carts of your customers stay intact when they come back.

Use the correct carousels:

Indeed, carousels help you to show more offers, promotions, and products to your customers. But also, they make your website slow because they are not considered to be SEO-friendly. The better idea is to stick to the appealing and good old images. Or you can also make use of auto-rotating carousels for stopping on hover.

Any reckoned Dallas SEO company will help the eCommerce stores of the U.S.A to perform a test on the homepages of their websites for comparing static images with the image carousels.

An SEO company helps to offer free shipping on the product pages:

Most of the customers from Dallas abandon the cart because of the high shipping charges at the time of checkout. And if there are no shipping charges, it satisfies the shoppers. An SEO company will make sure that your customers are not facing any unpleasant surprises during the checkout process.

The eCommerce business that offers free shipping has several advantages over the businesses that do not. And free shipping leads to high conversion rates.

Offer live chat support:

Live chat support, or chatbot can prove to be effective when it comes to offering seamless UX (User Experience). These chatbots will be addressing the doubts and confusions at no time conveniently. A solid chatbot leaves less room for drop-offs.

Also, consumers hate to call customer care again and again while making a purchase. An SEO company will help you to develop a live chatbot for guiding reluctant visitors by initiating a beneficial chat session.

Encourage Sharing:

Social media visits are at peak, and according to research, more than 80% of orders on an eCommerce website came from Facebook. Therefore, it is already high time, and the power of social media must not be underestimated.

So, when you hire an SEO agency in Dallas, they will help you to make a shareable eCommerce store so that you can share it on various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to gain more conversions.


An uncountable number of eCommerce stores are available out there in Dallas, and competition is high. For survival, the eCommerce websites must be optimized according to the trends and requirements. An SEO company is the best option for leveraging the conversion for your eCommerce store. Whatever you do, stay loyal to your customers, focus on their internet behavior and search intent, and provide quality service and content so that your customer can have the best experience ever.

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