How An Italian Investor Visa Can Fuel Your Global Business Dreams


As the world becomes smaller, entrepreneurs are keen to explore the global business landscape. But it requires more than finding a country with lucrative markets and favorable regulations for foreign businesses. You must also look for a destination that offers easy entry with minimal immigration hassles. Italy has the best of everything as the markets are broad and immigration is easier than other global destinations.

You can move to Italy with an investor visa if you do not qualify through any other route. If you want to know this alternative better, there’s an interesting article written by Bersani Law you can rely on. Even better, you can collaborate with an immigration professional to help you complete it. Here are some how the Italian investor visa can fuel your global business dreams.

Minimal eligibility requirements

Unlike other immigration alternatives, the eligibility requirements for the Italian investor visa are minimal. A person over 18 can apply, provided they have a clean police record and sound health. The most critical element is money because this option is meant for high-net-worth individuals. You have to bring in a hefty investment, starting with a minimum of €250,000 in a startup. But you may invest elsewhere, such as €500,000 in an established business, a philanthropic donation of €1 million, or purchase of government bonds worth €2 million. Besides arranging the money, there isn’t much you need to do to qualify.

Investment only after the residence permit

Although the investor visa process requires considerable funding, you need not worry about the security of your money. You have to get the funds only after wrapping up the process, and obtaining a residence permit after coming in with the investor visa. The deadline is three months after getting your residence permit. The good thing is that you only require bank statements validating your capacity to invest in Italy until the completion of formalities.

Business expansion opportunities

Another great thing about the Italian investor visa is excellent business expansion opportunities for global entrepreneurs. The residence permit of Italy allows you to travel in the Schengen zone without visa hassles, so you can reach out to broader markets. It is much easier to prospect clients, participate in trade shows, and attend client meetings across the EU. You need not confine your business to the Italian markets but can set up a truly global enterprise.

Long-stay option as a citizen

An Italian investor visa can be the starting step of the citizenship journey. Although reaching the naturalization status takes a decade, you can run and grow your business in Italy as a resident during this year. By the time you become a citizen by naturalization, you will already have a successful venture running in this part of the world. Not to mention, you get one of the most powerful passports. Since you can bring your family without additional investment, it is an opportunity to set up a home in the country.

A global business dream is no longer daunting if you choose Italy as your destination. You can easily get the investor visa to start a business and use the residency benefits to make it a thriving one.

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