Everything You Need To Know About A Newsletter Email Template


If you have your own website, blog, or an e-commerce business then you must give thought to creating an email newsletter at the earliest. The main aim of an email newsletter is to make sure you stay in touch with your consumers and keep them updated about your products and policies on a regular basis.

Furthermore, it helps you to convert users into customers. The main problem with this is that beginners find it difficult to start with an email newsletter because they either find it too technical or challenging to build. This was the case of the past as in today’s time, creating an email newsletter is a very easy and non-time consuming thing to do.

What is an email newsletter?

An email newsletter is a type of online communication that allows you to stay in touch with your users and keep them updated about your business, blog, or website. In order to receive your email newsletter, your users just need to provide their email ids. These users might include subscribers, contacts, or possible leads.

There are several ways in which one can use an email newsletter. These include businesses using it to keep their consumers updated about their latest services and product information, or websites and blogs using it to generate and create more traffic by pitching in new readers.

Why to use an email newsletter?

The world of the internet is tremendously huge and a majority of people who visit your website today will definitely have trouble finding it again in the future. Once you start an email newsletter, it will be easy for you to convert these visitors into subscribers or users. And once they provide you with their email ids, you will be able to stay in touch with them for a long time.

In simple words, if your business does not have an email newsletter then it is losing a large number of potential customers and users daily.

Who should use email newsletters?

Many websites, bloggers, and e-commerce businesses question whether they should start with email newsletters or not. The answer to this question will always be a big, giant YES.

Even if you’ve just begun with your business or website, you should dive straight into the concept of email marketing as it creates wonders for small businesses. Some of the important steps to keep in mind while starting an email newsletter are:

STEP 1: Getting an email marketing service provider for your email newsletter campaign

The most important thing while starting an email newsletter is to have an email marketing service provider. The job of email marketing service providers is to collect mass email addresses and send out bulk emails.

There are several email marketing services that include Constant Contact, Aweber, and ConvertKit. Out of the long list, the best one till date is Aweber. Here you can read a detailed review about this tool, to solve this problem. Aweber is an email marketing tool that allows you to create a mailing list and collect data based on that. It designs email newsletters and then sends it to the registered email addresses on your mailing list.

STEP 2: Creating an email mailing list ( Contact details of your users)

The second most important step is creating an email mailing list. This is basically a contact list that contains basic details of all your subscribers including their mail ids. In order to keep a track of your subscribers, you need to maintain a mailing list.

STEP 3: Setting up your welcome email message

The third and the most important step is to set up the email message that will be sent out to your subscribers and users. This is also the most pivotal step as it plays a crucial role in diverting traffic towards your website. Hence, you need to set up the welcome email very effectively.

Some of the best tips to do so are:

  • Always say thanks in your welcome email. Let your subscribers know that you highly appreciate them trusting you and sharing their basic contact details with you.
  • The next step is to introduce your e-commerce business, website, or your blog. This is the most important step and this is an introductory part of your welcome mail. Make sure to keep it short and concise rather than keeping it long and lengthy.
  • Going further, inform your users the frequency at which they will receive emails from you and what kind of content they are signing up for.
  • If you had promised an incentive to every subscriber who shared their contact details with you then do not forget to share details on that.
  • One of the best tricks to introduce your brand or company to the subscribers is by highlighting the most important contact or offers proposed by you.

STEP 4: Creating Newsletter signup forms

The fourth step is setting up newsletter signup forms so that you can attract more and more subscribers. The simplest way to attract more users and subscribers by promoting your content is by adding newsletter sign-up forms on your website. This way, anyone who visits your website can see them and sign up if they’re interested in it.

STEP 5: Sending out your first email marketing campaign

Now comes the most crucial step i.e., sending out your first email marketing campaign. After your welcome email, many subscribers will be eagerly waiting to get to know what you have in store for them.

These are the most important steps that you need to keep in mind while creating your email newsletter campaign. In addition to this, some extra tips to get more subscribers are:

  • Try to use multiple but not too much signup forms on your website or blog.
  • Use lead magnets or special offers in order to attract more people and generate a larger base of subscribers.
  • Always keep updating your content on a regular basis.
  • Make the best use of social media to grow your mailing list.
  • Make use of giveaway offers to grow your subscriber database.

By keeping these few points in mind, you will create wonders for your business by using the techniques of email

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