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Effective Listening Skills & Communication Techniques

Here you will learn what are effective listening skills and will learn effective communication techniques that can help you in many areas of social and business life. Good listening has a crucial role for every manager, leader and employee.

Effective Listening Skills And Techniques

What is effective listening?

Believe or not, an effective listener has a great potential to be successful in all kind of communications – at work, at home and in personal relationships.

Effective listening is the ability to focus on the conversation and to truly understand what the other side want to tell you. You are a responsive and engaging participant in the conversation.

A good listener knows how to response accurately because he understands the content and the purpose of the communication. To be a good listener you have to develop many skills and to use effective communication techniques.

In this context, effective listening skills are a combination of abilities that allows you to concentrate and to understand the speaker points and thoughts.

You have to show interest in the discussed topic.

Effective listening skills:

  • Listen with care

Stay concentrate on the topic and listen with care. Avoid distraction and don’t think about other things during the conversation.

A good communication technique here is to look at the speaker. Watching the speaker will show him / her that you really pay attention. Other effective communication techniques here are to talk less and to listen more. Give the other speaker a chance to say what he need to say. Don’t interrupt him.

  • Ask question

This is among the most important effective listening skills needed for all kind of communications. Asking questions shows your partner that you are really involved in the conversation.

Asking questions will give you more information about the topic discussed and will allow you to clear what you don’t understand.

  • Try to see speaker’s perspective

This means to put yourself emotionally in the speakers point of view. This is one of the most powerful and effective communication techniques that will allow you to understand the idea and message of the speaker.

  • Be patient

Being patient in among the most important communication and effective listening skills. Patience allows you to see the needs of the people you communicate with.

People around us are really very different. Some of our business clients, partners, managers and employees are very vocal about their needs and requirements, other people are more introverted.

Patience is a good skill and effective communication technique that will help you to adjust to the different situations.

  • Pay attention to body language of the speaker

You have to pay attention not only to words but to the body language of the speaker too. In a business or a personal conversation, are involved a wide range of gestures. Learning to understand body language (non-verbal communication) is a great ability for every leader, manager or employee.

Learning and developing these effective listening skills and effective communication techniques has a key role for success in all areas of business and personal relationships.

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