Custom Trade Show Booth: The Missing Piece in Your Puzzle


By now, you must have attended at least a handful of trade shows and business expos. Did every single exhibit look more or less the same – A huge (sometimes colorful) banner showcasing the brand’s name and logo?

If any exhibit looked a little different from these traditional rental displays, it would surely catch your attention first, right? Trade shows can be compared to cinema halls, where the audience comes with certain expectations, the most important of which are captivating visuals and a potent storyline.

As a brand, you’re there to showcase your goods and services to a willing audience for lead generation. As potential customers, your audience is there to invest in something promising and valuable and an exhibit that tells the brand’s story. The only way you can stand out among hundreds of similar-looking booths is to have a custom one.

In case you’re participating in an expo or trade show this year, you’re in luck! This article will outline reasons and tips to organize a memorable custom exhibit for your audience.

Why Invest in a Custom Trade Show Exhibit

1. Grabbing More Eyeballs

Trade show exhibits are meant to be a juxtaposition of vibrant colors and identifiable patterns and shapes. However, most brands play it safe and keep their booth bland and uninviting.

You’d be surprised at how a smidgen of creativity can make your exhibit more eye-catchy. If the booth’s design is smart and spacious and contains displays of the latest products, people will distinguish it from the doppelgangers.

Naturally, they would come forward to enquire about the brand and its products.

2. Metamorphosing on Command

When it comes to traditional rental trade show exhibits, they have a standard design. Isn’t that unfair to your business, whose design philosophy is unique?

Whether you believe in going all out with funky designs and bold colors or a minimalistic design and somber colors are your safe space, only custom exhibits will help you express them. For instance – numerous brands are choosing aluminum extrusions modular exhibit displays.

Some top reasons behind this include the durability of the material, the flexibility it offers, and the wide range of products that can be displayed. As per Classic Modul, these extrusions can be customized in terms of size and profile, including crossbeam, square, space-line, etc. This gives you the freedom to design your exhibit just the way you want (without any space wastage).

3. Fast and Better Returns on Investment

The first thing to get right about a trade show is that it is an opportunity for you to invest money and expect good returns. When you keep that perspective, it becomes easier to understand why you must spend on your booth.

A well-crafted exhibit gives the impression that you care about your brand and the way the audience perceives it. Most visitors are drawn based on visuals, and the first step to networking is to spark enough interest for them to step into your booth. Only then can you turn leads into paying customers!

The more aesthetic the exhibit is, the faster and better returns you can earn.  

Tips to Make Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out

1. Invest in at Least Three Bright Colors

Colors play a key role in drawing attention, especially when used wisely. Do not lean onto either extreme – too few colors will look uninteresting, and too many could overwhelm the visitors.

The ideal balance is to choose at least three bright colors and contrast them to highlight certain display elements. Of the three colors, keep this thumb rule in mind – let the primary color have 60% of the space, the secondary color at least 30%, and the accent color the remaining 10%.

2. Incorporate Some Empty Space

Just like website content, white space in a trade show exhibit is also essential. If the area looks too cluttered with stands, furniture, and graphics, visitors may feel overwhelmed.

You can have multiple demonstration zones to cater to different groups of visitors. However, keep at least 40% of the space empty. This requires you to put your thinking hat on, ruthlessly editing the booth to display only the most important aspects of your brand and its products.

3. Experiment with Different Types of Lighting

The lighting in your booth works like the color contrast. When used smartly, it can enhance certain intricate details put on display. You can try out different types of lighting options, such as accent lighting, spotlights, hanging lights, ambient lights, and strobe lights.

Ideally, use a combination of these wherever necessary. For instance – accent lights are the best to add richer textures to graphics. Conversely, strobes lights help create standout visual effects for the company name and logo.

4. Host an Engaging/Immersive Product Demonstration

Product demonstrations are not uncommon in trade shows and expos. However, most brands make it all about themselves and their products. That may attract a visitor but will not sustain their attention.

Your audience wants to feel engaged and immersed in the experience they receive. For instance – a health and wellness appliance company developing cold-pressed juice blenders would ideally go beyond demonstrating how the blender works.

Their chances of earning new leads become more likely when unsuspecting visitors are offered a shot of a healthy and tasty drink!

Get the Ball Rolling!

With the above-mentioned ideas, your creative arsenal should need no further prepping. No matter which industry you belong to, it’s time to shortlist the best trade shows of the year and put your best foot forward.

Even before you’re at these events, put the word out there through relevant social media hashtags and communities. Keep some free goodies ready for your visitors (it’s a secret to stay on top of their minds), and create a buzz among your attendees with a dash of wit and humor.

The next thing you know: there should be an influx of leads post-event that wish to know your brand more intimately! 

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