Calgary, Alberta: The Power of Temp Agencies in Employment


In the dynamic city of Calgary, diverse industries ranging from agriculture to the life sciences constantly need skilled talent. Temp agencies act as a pivotal conduit in this bustling employment ecosystem, bridging companies seeking temporary labor and job seekers hunting for flexible work options.

Whether seasonal work in agriculture, a creative stint in digital media, a role in the booming tech sector, or a temporary position in the healthcare industry, temp agencies provide a gateway to a universe of opportunities. They streamline the hiring process, ensuring cost-effectiveness while offering flexibility and fostering career development. Read on to dive deeper into the multifaceted roles of temp agencies in Calgary’s vibrant industries.

How Temp Agencies Fulfills Industry Needs

Temp agencies in Calgary, Alberta, play a crucial role in fulfilling the staffing needs of various industries in the city. They provide employers with a pool of qualified and pre-screened candidates who can quickly fill their temporary or permanent positions. This saves companies time and resources while ensuring they find the right fit for their work environment.

Moreover, temp agencies also offer valuable support to job seekers by providing them with access to job opportunities, career advice, and professional development resources. They also act as intermediaries in salary negotiations and can offer valuable insights into the industry’s demand for specific skills.

Trending Industries for Temporary Jobs in Calgary

Based on the recent data, the top industries for temporary jobs in Calgary include:


Calgary’s aerospace and aviation industry is thriving, with companies like Boeing and WestJet investing heavily in the city. With a skilled workforce and government support, this industry is expected to continue its growth trajectory, creating many job opportunities for temporary workers.


Calgary is a hub for agribusiness, with over thousands of farms and ranches in the surrounding area. Temp agencies play a significant role in this industry by providing workers with seasonal employment, such as harvesting crops or working on cattle ranches.

Creative Industries

The creative industry in Calgary is continuously expanding, focusing on digital media, film and television production, and visual arts. Temp agencies help connect creatives with temporary positions in these industries, providing valuable experience and connections for future employment.


The energy sector has long been a significant part of Calgary’s economy, with major oil and gas companies headquartered in the city. With the rise of renewable energy sources, temp agencies are also assisting in filling temporary jobs in this industry, such as solar panel installation or wind turbine maintenance.

Financial Services

With its thriving economy and robust financial services industry, Calgary has established itself as a prominent hub for banking, investment, and wealth management. The city’s strategic location and strong business infrastructure make it an attractive destination for professionals and businesses alike, contributing to its reputation as a financial powerhouse.


With an aging population and the continuous rise in demand for healthcare services, the healthcare industry in Calgary is experiencing significant and rapid growth. This growth is attributed to various factors, such as advancements in medical technology, an increasing emphasis on preventive care, and the need for specialized healthcare services to cater to the population’s diverse needs.

As a result, the healthcare sector in Calgary is witnessing an expansion of facilities, the recruitment of more healthcare professionals, and the implementation of innovative healthcare solutions to meet the community’s evolving healthcare needs.

Interactive Digital Media

The interactive digital media sector is a rapidly growing industry in Calgary, with companies specializing in video game development, animation, e-learning, and virtual and augmented reality. This industry provides diverse opportunities for temporary job seekers, with positions ranging from game testers to graphic designers.

Life Sciences

The life sciences industry in Calgary presents a wide range of exciting temporary roles, encompassing diverse fields such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and healthcare technology. These roles offer unique opportunities to contribute to groundbreaking research, develop innovative solutions, and impact the health and well-being of individuals and communities.

Whether it’s discovering new drugs, advancing medical technologies, or revolutionizing patient care, the life sciences industry in Calgary is at the forefront of driving scientific progress and improving lives.


Home to over 3,000 technology companies, Calgary is a hotbed for tech innovation and entrepreneurship. With a rapidly growing tech ecosystem, temporary job seekers will find many opportunities in software development, data analysis, cybersecurity, and more.

Why Finding Jobs Through Temp Agencies is Beneficial

In addition to providing access to various industries and job opportunities, temp agencies offer several other benefits for both employers and job seekers. Some of these include:

  • Saving time: Temp agencies streamline the hiring process for employers by handling all aspects of recruitment, including posting job listings, screening candidates, and conducting interviews. This allows businesses to focus on their core operations and reduces the time it takes to fill vacant positions.
  • Cost-effective: Temp agencies help employers save money by eliminating the need for costly recruitment processes, such as advertising job listings and conducting extensive background checks. They also handle payroll and benefits, reducing administrative costs for businesses.
  • Flexibility: For companies with fluctuating staffing needs or requiring temporary employees for specific projects, temp agencies provide flexibility in hiring. This enables businesses to adjust their workforce according to demand without committing to long-term contracts.
  • Skill assessment: Temp agencies thoroughly screen and assess candidates before placing them in temporary positions, ensuring they have the necessary skills and experience for the job. This allows employers to find highly qualified workers quickly without the hassle of sifting through numerous resumes.
  • Career development: Temp agencies offer temporary job seekers the opportunity to gain valuable experience, develop new skills, and make valuable connections in various industries. This can lead to future permanent employment opportunities or pave the way for a successful career in a specific field.


With its diverse and thriving economy, Calgary offers many temporary job opportunities across various industries. By leveraging the services of temp agencies, job seekers can find meaningful and fulfilling work while gaining valuable experience and connections. For businesses, temp agencies provide a convenient and cost-effective way to fill temporary positions without compromising quality or productivity. Overall, temp agencies are crucial in bridging the gap between employers and job seekers, contributing to Calgary’s economy and workforce growth.

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