Best Degrees That’ll Land You A Good Job


It can be difficult to choose a college degree when there’s a plethora of interesting professions in the job market. For instance, in recent years, companies have paid handsomely in the sectors of cybersecurity, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. These jobs have incredible development potential as well.

While choosing your college major based on your areas of interest is ideal, choosing a career path that is in demand will help you obtain an exciting position. Healthcare professionals, engineers, and financial specialists are just a few professions that have always been and always will be in demand. However, determining which degree will be most valuable in 4 to 5 years is a problem for someone just beginning their college career.

While that merits its own discussion, the following majors are in demand now and for the foreseeable future:

1. Product management

A product manager develops the idea for an innovative item and creates a plan to carry it out. Product managers direct the creation of products to ensure that the end product meets the consumer’s needs and is in line with corporate objectives.

The product manager serves as the company’s focal point for all aspects of a product and collaborates with its sales, marketing, and customer support teams while ensuring the company’s leadership is informed of the product’s progress.

The product manager also ensures every individual in an organization stays on track toward the product’s objective. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, product management team roles can pay an average salary of more than $103,000 a year. It can also be higher depending on the position and place where an individual works.

2. Human resources

Human resources is the most interesting field of study to have emerged since markets became intensely competitive. People may discuss a wide range of different professions, but the people whose jobs are unquestionably the most thrilling in all aspects of the term are those who are in charge of recruiting, keeping, promoting, and providing in-house growth opportunities to future professionals.

Nowadays, it is incredibly easy to obtain an undergraduate or graduate certificate in the field of human resources management online because of the large range of universities that provide this option. Every organization, no matter how big or small, needs human resource management professionals; thus, majors in this sector will always be in demand in terms of compensation and career advancement.

3. Financial technologies

In recent years, we have seen a surge in interest in cryptocurrencies. And regardless of what specialists say about these currencies and their volatile nature as investment vehicles, they have prompted a change in the conventional finance sector. Several financial institutions are experimenting with solutions like Blockchain, which serves as the engine that drives cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, financial research and planning are only a couple of the many responsibilities that financial technology, or FinTech as it is more generally known, involves. FinTech specializations are being offered by several universities, so if you have a passion for the subject, this could be an interesting major for you.

For those interested in pursuing this valuable skill set, consider exploring online data science programs offered by UNSW, designed to equip you with the expertise needed to thrive in this dynamic field

4. Data science

Data has grown to be the most valuable currency in use today. Businesses all over the globe are ready to invest a lot of money in pertinent data that can assist them in making more accurate decisions regarding every aspect of their operations, which includes but is not limited to consumer growth, resource allocation optimization, supply chain management streamlining, and much more.

However, raw data is of little value unless it is transformed and organized in a useful way. Data science professionals are in greater demand since they are the specialists that can assist businesses in making the most of the enormous information caches at their disposal as industries evolve to grow increasingly highly saturated.

5. Cybersecurity

As the entire world transitions to digital technology, cybercrime has emerged as a popular method for thieves to steal money. Cybercrime cost the US economy alone $10.2 billion in 2022, a significant increase over the $6.9 billion it cost in 2021. Companies from across the globe are constantly seeking cybersecurity specialists to strengthen their defenses against relevant digital threats due to these alarming trends.

Universities worldwide are now providing cybersecurity as a subject of study for people interested in choosing this as their job of choice, once again assessing market demand.

6. Aerospace engineering

Both the search for extraterrestrial life and aerospace industry investment are still going strong. However, the aerospace sector supports numerous other industries currently active globally, including high-speed transport, aviation, and the automotive and automotive industries.

The funds allotted for aviation ventures have grown significantly, and correspondingly, so have the number of jobs in the industry. Aeronautical engineering is predicted to experience job growth of 9% over the next ten years, making it an attractive college major to choose.

7. AI and automation

Thanks to technological advances over the past years, robotics, machine learning, automation, and AI have become highly sought-after majors among students. Given the recent debut of Chat GPT and the intentions that many top firms have announced regarding AI, it is evident that this industry is here to stay. Therefore, majoring in one or more of the subjects related to artificial intelligence and automation offers fantastic opportunities. Almost every business in every industry will incorporate AI into their daily operations; therefore, majoring in this area is sure to be sought after for ages to come.

8. Software engineering

Around the world, technology is revolutionizing various industries. Nearly all of the key fields mentioned above, including aeronautical engineering, data sciences, artificial intelligence (AI), and financial management, require software in some capacity. The platforms that enable organizations to integrate the newest tools, techniques, and developments into their operational cycles are designed, developed, and launched by software engineers.

Over the following several years, employment opportunities for software engineers and developers are expected to increase by 21%. Majoring in this area could lead you to a well-paying profession with quick advancement.


College major selection can be difficult, especially if you are thinking about an area with excellent career possibilities. It is wonderful if your passions and interests are in any of these sectors, but even if they are not, you can still make a respectable living by doing what you enjoy. However, any of the above-mentioned majors can help you get there if you desire a rewarding profession that can earn you a lot of money.

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