6 office nice-to-haves that can feel more like must-haves


If you spend 40+ hours per week in the office (and have done for a while now like the average Brit) you’ve probably accumulated a list of office nice-to-haves that now feel like must-haves. It’s important to keep these in mind, especially if you’re looking for a new job, or hope to one day start your own business and grow your own team.

Happy employees equal a happy business, and a happy business equals stronger results and a better turnover! If you want our advice, listen to the wants and wishes of your team and respond appropriately.

On-site parking

If you have the luxury of working for a business that boasts on-site parking, you probably can’t fathom the thought of the workplace being without it. What was once a nice-to-have suddenly feels like a must-have! The truth is, no employer wants to travel all the way to the workplace in their car, and then still have to walk a further 5 or 10 minutes to get to the entrance.

Free tea and coffee

Britons are believed to drink around 165million cups of tea, and this is only intensified in the workplace. Although employers are by no means obligated to offer their staff free tea and coffee, it is a simple benefit that many do deliver. With that in mind, these lucky employees might struggle to imagine a workplace that no longer provides it.

CCTV and security

Every employee deserves to work in the comfort of the knowledge that they are safe and secure at all times. With that in mind, however, it’s true that the likes of CCTV and security isn’t treated as a must-have by every employer. Weird. It’s a scary thought to think that one day you might be in danger, but it’s also assuring to know that there are measures in place should the worst ever happen.

Fast internet

There’s nothing more frustrating than being expected to fulfil every task on a busy to-do list without the internet speed to facilitate. You would think that every employer would make fast internet an absolute must-have but shockingly, for some employees, it’s only a nice-to-have. Keep this perk in mind when planning out your next move.

Professional cleaning

Wait, doesn’t every workplace have a professional cleaner? Nope, unfortunately not… If you’re lucky enough to be an employee in an office that receives regular, professional cleaning, you shouldn’t take that for granted. Leading psychological research has correlated clutter with stress and anxiety, and a clean environment can motivate and encourage staff. So, why is this only a nice-to-have?

Serviced office spaces

So, there we have it! A list of office nice-to-haves that can feel like must-haves, especially when you take into consideration the fact that not every employer or workplace fully understands the importance of the little things. If you want to find an environment that encompasses more than just one of these nice-to-haves, check out a Serviced Office from BE Offices. Imagine all of these luxuries (ahem, necessities!) under one roof.

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