6 effective employee wellbeing ideas & how to create your wellbeing strategy


Your employees are the heart of your business. If you keep them happy, you will find that they will do their best when it comes to their workload. You need to keep their wellbeing in mind. Here are some ways for you to create an effective wellbeing strategy and some tips on employee wellbeing in general.

Consider the culture of your office

Your employees are all going to be different and come from a variety of backgrounds. Therefore, the types of cover they are going to need will be different. For instance, someone may have a large family whilst others may suffer from a long-term chronic illness. Treat your employees as individuals and they will appreciate you for it.

Life Insurance Coverage

Of course, your workers will appreciate you more if you have their futures in mind. You should think about the future of your employees in terms of what will happen when they get older or are put in risky situations. Whether you decide on group coverage policies, like those from YuLife, or you decide to choose individual policies, pick policies that will protect your employees during work and from any difficult situations that life throws at them, including illness and disability.

Health Checks

It’s important to keep an eye on your employees’ health. This includes their physical health and mental health. Take the time to organize one-on-one meetings to discuss how life is going. That way you can find out how your employees are doing at work and home.

Reward Systems

It’s important to make sure your workers feel appreciated for their effort. Treat them to restaurant meals, extra holidays or even let them go home early or have a drink in the office. Ask your employees what would motivate them and you will find that they will appreciate that you are listening to their opinions.

Flexible Schedules

Everyone has different types of commitments that they need to keep. So, try to keep a flexible schedule with the work hours of your employees. That way they can maintain a healthy work-life balance. You can even let them work remotely.

Healthy Eating

Not only are reduced hours better for your employees’ mental health, but you should encourage them to remain healthy in their eating habits. Keep a healthy meal bar available in the kitchen for your employees to enjoy.

How do I create a wellbeing strategy?

When you make a wellbeing strategy, you are focusing on the physical, psychological and financial health of your team. Here are some examples of how you can come up with your own wellbeing strategy:

  • Create a listening box to address the needs of your employees
  • Listen to the needs of your employees on a mind map
  • Talk about the future of their careers and where they would like to end up
  • Organize a meeting to draft up standout points in your wellbeing strategy

With this guide, you will have everything you need to create a successful wellbeing strategy that can benefit your whole team of employees. By implementing these 6 effective employee wellbeing ideas, you have the potential to make a huge positive impact.

For more help creating a positive work environment that encourages your employees to succeed, please see the resource below.

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