4 Reasons Your Company Needs an Employee App


Technology has changed the way we do business. In particular, AI has benefitted the business sector so much. Now, by leveraging the latest tech, businesses can streamline their operations and complete tasks in minutes that took weeks to get done before. The most recent technology trend in this regard is hiring AI or digital workers. AI workers belong to a category of software robots. These AI workers are trained based on the data of employees’ behavior so that they can perform specific tasks the way human workers do, only faster and better.

The AI workers work in collaboration with the human workers. This means a lot of manual tasks that your workers had to do can now be automated using digital workers. That will save employees’ time and manual labor, increase their productivity, and thus benefit your company. Since AI workers cannot be physically present in your office, your company must use an employee app to combine your AI and human workforce.

An employee app will make communication, collaboration, and decision-making quicker, thus increasing employee productivity, engagement, and satisfaction. A business can only be successful when its employees are engaged and satisfied. So here are four reasons your company needs an employee app.

1. Increased Accessibility To Information: 

Every company needs to find effective ways to make information easily accessible to its employees. Nowadays, companies are hiring workers from all around the world as remote work is on the rise. Businesses are also incorporating AI workers with human employees. The best part about hiring digital workers is that their hiring, training, and onboarding processes are much quicker as compared to human workers. By using the best digital employee app options available, you can even make a custom digital worker in a matter of minutes. With remote workers, digital workers, and office workers, there is a need for a digital employee app that makes it easy for everyone to access information anytime they want. 80% of the workers, according to a report, are not stationed behind a desk.

By using an employee app, you give the employees access to information 24/7. Without an employee app, you will be restricting your employees’ access to information during office hours only when they are sitting behind their office computers. Even if you use a company intranet, it means your company’s information is getting scattered to different locations. Similarly, if you only contact employees through their company-provided email, which they can only access when they are in front of the office computer, then you are putting the company at risk with such restricted information access.

With a digital employee app, you can send push notifications, personalized in-platform messages or emails, share company updates, survey your employees through polls, etc., all in one place and anytime. You can also target messages to specific offices, departments, countries, or groups if your company’s offices are located in multiple locations.

2. Improved Communication And Collaboration:

In a workplace, more than half of human activity comprises communication. Workers need to constantly communicate with managers, team leads, and each other to successfully carry out business operations. It’s thus necessary to make communicating easy for the workers. When it comes to AI workers, an interactive AI workforce significantly improves employee communication. Workers find it easier and enjoyable to interact with interactive AI. When you provide a platform like a digital employee app to your workers, their communication capabilities are enhanced, which increases collaboration.

An employee app enables all your workers to have seamless, easy, direct, and instant communication, making cross-functional collaboration easy. Employee apps are a unified platform for file sharing, updates, and team discussions. Improved communication and collaboration lead to faster and better decision-making, increase employee productivity, and, of course, increase employees’ engagement.

The digital employee apps help streamline internal processes with other features, too, like workflow automation, shared calendars, and task management features make this possible. Using these features, teams or team managers can easily coordinate tasks, track teams’ progress, and thus manage projects efficiently.

3. Improved Employee Satisfaction:

To retain your employees, you want to ensure that they are satisfied with their job. If, say, the employees feel that their voices are not heard by the management and the company has a poor internal communications strategy, they are more likely to feel discouraged. A study shows that a third of human resource managers state that poor communication is the biggest contributor to low workplace morale. Dissatisfied and disengaged employees seriously affect a company’s bottom line. Different factors increase employee engagement, and most of them are heavily reliant on good communication. Such major factors include communicating what the company expects from the employees, providing them with materials they need, giving employees the recognition and praise they deserve, giving importance to their opinions, etc.

An employee app and a solid internal communications policy can easily help you achieve these things.

Similarly, if the employees have to perform repetitive tasks during their work, they get tired and distracted. All their time gets consumed by these tasks, and they don’t have the energy left to focus on other important things. With AI workers and a digital app, such time-consuming tasks are automated, making employees satisfied and even more engaged.

4. Serves As A One-Stop Shop For Information:

Imagine the number of platforms or messaging channels your employees use for work-related purposes. For messages of a personal nature, you probably contact them through WhatsApp or iMessage. At the same time, the work-related stuff is on Slack, email, etc. This way, your employees have to spend a lot of their time switching between different platforms to find the relevant information.

A digital employee app easily tackles this issue as it serves as the primary source for accessing work-related content. It combines multiple information sources into one place that were scattered into separate silos before. It’s a single, streamlined, trusted, and relevant one-stop shop for all the information.


The success of your company is in the hands of your employees. Dissatisfied, drained, or disengaged workers negatively affect the business. The best way to avoid this is by leveraging tech in such a way that boosts employee productivity. This article explains in detail four reasons why hiring digital workers and using digital employee apps can be beneficial for your company.

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