3 Common Marketing How To Upgrade Dynamics AX To Microsoft Dynamics 365


Upgrade your company software has become an inevitable part of the business nowadays; with new versions constantly coming up, it might be a challenge to follow every little change appearing in the world of technology. However, to keep up with the demanding market, which needs the newest solutions to work smoothly, you might want to consider refreshing your software.

If your current processes are based on Microsoft Dynamics AX, you are probably facing more and more difficulties related to the compatibility of your software with modern demands. In this article, we are going to discuss how to upgrade this software to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics AX to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Depending on which version of Microsoft Dynamics AX you are currently using, performing an update can differ in its steps and actions being taken. Luckily for Dynamics AX 2012 users, Microsoft offers a ready-made, well-tailored upgrade path. With the use of Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services, you will be able to upgrade your software with all of its essential elements. There are two main stages that need to be fulfilled: code and data upgrade.

Code upgrade

In order to perform a code upgrade, you need to have access to Microsoft Lifecycle Services; moreover, you should prepare a model store file for transmitting your data. However, that’s not the end – there are some other points worth paying attention to before performing a code upgrade.

  • A model store file should not include any databases; it is important to make sure that no unnecessary models are stored in the file prepared for the code upgrade.
  • Make sure that your model store file is free of any errors – only then can you upload it for the code upgrade.
  • If your software is tailored strictly according to your company’s requirements, including your ISV (independent software vendor) in the upgrade process would be good.

Data upgrade

Upgrading your data to a new system takes a bit more time and processes required to perform this operation. First of all, Microsoft recommended that the data upgrade be run with the dedicated service released in February 2018. That way, you will save time and effort as the developers will have all the necessary tools to work on the upgrade, check its progress, and correct potential errors.

Other steps involved in the data upgrade include:

  • Creating a backup of your AX 2012 database;
  • Uploading your backup;
  • Downloading and restoring the AX 2012 database to Microsoft Dynamics 365 (it’s important not to overwrite your current database with the created backup);
  • Download the latest updates compatible with the new system and its functions.

Unfortunately, for older versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX (AX 2009 and 4.0) Microsoft does not provide a direct upgrade path; in this case, if you are willing to upgrade your software to Microsoft Dynamics 365, the whole new implementation project is necessary. Get to know more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation and its benefits on our website.

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