101 Website Ideas For Online Business: Money Making Ideas


When it comes to starting an online business, good website ideas are among first things you need.

We know that you are searching for money making website ideas that haven’t been done yet. But let’s be a little more realistic.

An idea can be a start for a successful and profitable internet business for ones, but also can be a waste of time for others. It is not only the awesome ideas (topics) important here, there is a wide range of other things to do (planning, keyword research, SEO, and etc.) before starting to make money. You know that.

But also, it is true that a digital business starts with just a good idea. An original and creative idea is as much important as the other online business elements.

Here you will find a list of 101 unique and common, old and new, personal and simple, niche and cool website ideas and suggestions.

Use this list as a brainstorming technique, think about which ideas are close to your skills, knowledge and desire to write and learn.

The listed ideas here are suitable for both average persons and those with solid knowledge of website developing and business management. All ideas are for low-cost online business.

101 Website Ideas For Online Business

  1. A Website for E-commerce to promote and sell products that you offer. This idea is only in case you already have a business and selling goods.
  2. A Hobby Website – pick one of your hobbies and make a blog. You can write about everything you like to do – tennis, gardening, and etc.
  3. How-To Do Something – pick a topic that you are skilled at, know lots, and really interested in. Make step-by-step guides and teach other how to do something.
  4. Breeding Dogs Tips SiteDoyou have a dog? If yes, you may create a site to teach others useful tips and tricks.
  5. Romantic Traveling Ideas Blog – do you know that there are many people (especially men) who need good ideas where to propose. Write for them. This is a website idea for a low-cost online business that anyone one can start.
  6. How To Be Good at SomethingAre you good at something? If so, teach others. Tou may be good at mathematics, physics, marketing, finance and etc.
  7. List of Something SiteMost of the people have no time to search deeply on the internet. Make things easy for them and create a site that lists things. Examples: you can create a site with page topics such as top 100 scary movies, top 100 inspiring books and etc.
  8. How to Spend My Free Time Blog. Many people need ideas how to spend their free time. Help them and write about the best ideas you can find. This is one of the simple but very cool website ideas.
  9. What to Cook For Dinner SiteМany housewives ask yourself this question every day. Give them original dinner ideas such quick dinners, healthy dinners, romantic dinners and etc.
  10. Powerful Phrases and Words. People and companies need inspirational phrases and words to make an impression. Find and collect powerful phrases for them.
  11. Best Restaurants in a Local Area – you can write about best restaurants in your city – the atmosphere, the design, the food and etc. This is also one of the simple website ideas.
  12. Site For Funny Facts – The internet is a place full of funny facts. Chose the most rocking of them and create a site where your visitors can get a lot of fun.
  13. Site For Little or Unknown Facts. Again, find amazing and little-known facts and make your site a place where people can read something unexpectable and exciting.
  14. Secrets BlogAre you so good at something that you know all secrets and details about it. If so, great for you. You can make money from this website idea. Examples: online marketing secrets, backing secrets, learning secrets and etc.
  15. Bad Habits Blog – all of us have bad habits that want to get rid of them. (smoking is a good example here). Write a blog to help people get rid of their bad habits with useful tips, ideas and tricks.
  16. Getting A Certificate. Do you have a Certificate for something? Teach other people how to get the same certificate. Business certificates are a really hot topic. This can be a good niche website idea.
  17. Fitness For Busy MomsThisis a hot topic for many women all over the World. “Busy moms” is a good keyword for many niche website ideas.
  18. How to Communicate With Girls. You will not believe how many boys have difficulties in communications with girls. Some of them are really scared to talk to girls. Help them with useful tips and advice.
  19. Site For Jokes. Many people like to tell jokes and stories. If you are one of them, create a site with best jokes and funny stories.
  20. Healthy Eating Blog – a classic topic for many bloggers. If you are keen on healthy eating, you may share your ideas and recipes with others.
  21. Language Learning – it is a good website idea if you are learning a new language. You can write new phrases, words, grammatical tips and etc.
  22. How to Overcome The Fear Of… People have a lot of fears – fear of heights, fear of speaking in public and etc. Create a website to help them overcome a particular type of fear.
  23. Popular Quotes Website. You can make a website with quotes divided by different topics. There are a huge number of people and companies that searching for best quotes every day.
  24. Ideas For Presents. We all needs fresh and impressive ideas for presents we want to give to our friends, family, lover and etc. It is a cool website idea that can become a good online business especially if you decide to sell gifts online as an affiliate.
  25. Holidays. This is one of the good website ideas too. Holidays are always a popular topic. Not to mention that all of us waiting holidays with exciting. You can share your holiday plans, recipes, decorating ideas, or other tips for the holidays.
  26. A Website – Guide For Living In a New CountryThis is an important topic for many people and couples who are going to live in a foreign country. You can share the specific characteristics, customs and laws for your country, town or living area.
  27. Best Places To Visit In a CountryYou can write about your country’s top places and attractions to visit. This is a great chance to advertise and show the beauty of the country you live in.
  28. Website About History. Talk about long forgotten people, historical events, nations, cultures and etc. History will always be one of the most exciting blog topics.
  29. Family-Friendly Tourism. Here you can include top family-friendlyworlddestinationstipsfor traveling with kids, hotels with family friendly facilities and etc. This is also one of the good website ideas than can be easily transformed into a profitable online business. (you may sell hotel offers, air travel tickets and etc.)
  30. Resume/Cover Letter Writing. If you know how to write a good CV and resume, why not start a site that helps other make job applications more successful?
  31. Celebrity Site. You know that people want to know all about their favorite celebrities. Create a site and write about your favorite celebrities.
  32. A Website Dedicated To a ProfessionWhat is yourprofession? Are you an office manager, veterinary technologist or economist? Аnyway. Create a site as a career guide for a particular profession. This is also among good website ideas with a great potential for a successful internet business.
  33. A Site for Online Consulting. If you have a lot of knowledge, a degree, and experience in a particular area, why not start an online business that helps other improve their skills in this area?
  34. Specific Diet Website. This is a very hot topic too. There is a range of specific diets such as gluten-free diet, vegan diet, Mediterranean diet, Japanese-style diet and etc, that are good niche website ideas.
  35. Traveling on a Budget Site. Include different hotels deals, car rentals, destinations and etc.
  36. Foods High In… It is very useful to know which foods are rich in vitamin C, D, E, minerals and etc. Create a site with nutritional information about different types of foods – fruits, vegetables, meat.
  37. How to Work With a Particular Software. Create a site to teach people how to work with a particular software program. Good examples here are sites dedicated to WordPress, Excel, Photoshop and etc. Show useful tips, create written and video guides, list ideas and etc.
  38. Wellness Tourism. Build a site that gives ideas for spa and wellness tourism, vacations and destinations. For example, you can list here the best hotels in world spa towns. Spa and Wellness are among the best website ideas with a good potential for profitable online business that anyone can start.
  39. Original Hairdressing and Makeup Ideas – If you like these topics, you can create a blog for original, fresh and cool hairstyles and makeup. This is an evergreen topic for women.
  40. Organic Eating Website. This is another very popular theme. Build a website that provides information for benefits of organic foods, where to buy organic foods and etc.
  41. Organic Cosmetics Site. This is another hot topic that can be turned easily from a good website idea to a profitable online business. You can write posts with information and also you can sell organic cosmetics to your visitors.
  42. How to Organize Your Time. Time management skills are among the crucial abilities needed in our hectic and busy lifestyle. It is an original website idea to give ideas and teach people how to use different tools and techniques (apps, software programs) for organizing better their time.
  43. A Website For Brainstorming Ideas. A wide range of companies needs new and fresh ideas for developing their products. Create a site with brainstorming ideas in different areas such as advertising ideas, ideas for new and innovative ideas, business ideas and etc. This can be one of the most original and creative website ideas.
  44. Ideas For Love. Create a site with fresh, funny, extraordinary and cool ways to show love to someone. A lot of people need good ideas on how to show their feelings.
  45. Extraordinary Surprises For Birthdays. You know that many people want to make a really cool, memorable and extraordinary surprise for a birthday. Help them with different ideas and examples.
  46. Business Directory Website. This is a traditional website idea. You can create a business directory website in a particular niche.
  47. Question & Answer Website in a Particular Area. If you have a solid knowledge in a particular area you can create a site where people can ask you questions related to this area. Also other people can answer these questions too. Combine it with proper tools, and you can build an online community of your own.
  48. Portfolio Website. Need a place to show your work? Create a site with stunning image galleries, and beautiful sliders.
  49. Online Communities. Create an online forum. There is a wide range of free forum software and tools with great functionalities to build online communities.
  50. Coupon Website. Want to earn affiliate commissions from websites that offer discounts on their products? There are plenty of free website-building software for that type of website ideas. WordPress is a great example.
  51. Knowledgebase / Wiki-Like Website. Want to create a knowledgebase or wiki-like articles? If you are a person who really love writing, it can be a great idea for you.
  52. Podcasting Website. Create a site with podcasting instead of written articles. For example, you can build a website where people can download different podcasting tutorials that you create. It is a valuable idea because many people prefer to listen instead of reading. Not to mention that listening can save your audience time.
  53. Niche Affiliate Website. Want to make a commission by referring your visitors to products and services? Amazon affiliate program is among the best examples here. In addition, there is a huge range of open source website-building software, affiliate marketing tools, and plugins that can boost your affiliate business earnings and make things easier for you. Affiliate marketing is among the most easiest and profitable types of business on the internet.
  54. Photography Websites. If you are a professional or amateur photographer and you want to share your photos, create a site with galleries, albums, lightbox popups, slideshows, and etc. Moreover, you can allow people to publish their photos too and to turn the site into an online photography community.
  55. House Decorating Ideas. If you like to decorate and you are a person with a wide imagination, build a site with original and creative ideas for decorating. A lot of women want to make their house more beautiful place for living. Give them fresh, elegant, cool, and unusual ideas.
  56. Site For Rare Animal Species. Use this idea to build and exciting website for different rare animal species and their lifestyle. This website would be useful especially for students, kids, and curious people.
  57. A Website For Teambuilding Ideas and Tips. The demand for good team building ideas and tips increasing constantly. Your website can be very useful here with cool ideas, important tips, and techniques.
  58. A Website for Selling Slide Show That You Make. This is an unusual website idea for an online home-based business. You can create presentable slideshows (using some specific software) and sell it to companies.
  59. Sports Coaching. Are you so good at a particular sport that you can teach other people? If so, make а sports coaching website. Coaching in the field of football, tennis, basketball, badminton, swimming is very popular all aver the world.
  60. Perfect Car For You. A lot of people want to buy a car but they do not know which car is suitable for them. Build a site to help people take decisions.
  61. A Website For Advertising Ideas. You know that companies need fresh, attractive, cool, and memorable ads to promote their business. And they pay a lot of money to get good ideas. Build a site or blog with different ad suggestions for them. This is among the good and creative website ideas that can be turned into a successful home-based online business.
  62. Free Software Directory Site. Build a site with lists of free software programs in different areas. This can be a really money making website ideas. The software is among the most high-paid business areas. You can also publish premium software ads on your site.
  63. A Website for Entertainment. Do you have any talent? Are you a singer, an actor, a dancer, or a person who is good at telling stories and jokes? If so, create a blog to entertain people with your talent.
  64. How To Entertain Without a Computer. You know this is an important question for many people that do almost everything on the computer. Write about topics such as “What to do when computer is broken or the internet is down ?”, “Ideas for spending a great time outside” and etc.
  65. A Game Directory. This website idea is for those that like playing games. Pick a game niche (such as Browser Games, Anime Games, PVP Games and etc.) and build a directory type website. You can include here reviews of the games, comments, tutorials, and etc. It can be a good low-cost online business too. Ther are a lot of affiliate programs for game apps, and tutorials.
  66. Online Arts Store. Are you an artist? Ever considered opening your own art gallery and store? Turn your passion into an internet business.
  67. Selecting and Buying a Computer Guide. If you have knowledge in this field you can be useful for many people when they buying computers. Create a blog with advice and tutorials.
  68. Computer Yoga. You know that Yoga is a really hot topic in the field of healthy living. Computer Yoga is a good niche in this field. Teach people how to take a little break and do computer yoga. This kind of site can be very valuable for office workers.
  69. How To Write Business Emails. This is a good niche website idea in business correspondence. Create a site or a blog with useful phrases, tutorials, and articles on different topics such as “how to write a business proposal letter”, “how to write a business email to set up a meeting”, and etc.
  70. How To Buy Cheap…. This is a huge topic with enormous demand. You can create and teach people how to buy a cheap car, a cheap computer, cheap shoes and etc. Buying cheap high technology objects are a great niche here.
  71. Site Dedicated To a Game. Build a blog for a particular game. Example – a blog for chess. Share interesting game strategies, tips, tricks and etc.
  72. Analytical Thinking Blog. If you are keen on or you are interested in analytical thinking, consider this website idea. Analytical thinking is among the crucial life and business skills for anyone of us. Include ways, tools, games, and techniques for improving analytical skills and abilities.
  73. Make Money From a Website. Create a site for different ways and advice to monetize a site with creative money making ideas. Examples: Write about email marketing, sell advertising space, selling services, promoting products as an affiliate, premium Content, paid directory listings, and etc.
  74. Energy Efficiency. A good website idea too. Write about different ways that allow a building to use less heating and cooling energy. Suggest different products (fluorescent lights, LED lights or natural skylights) that reduces the amount of energy.
  75. Balance Work And Personal Life. Create a site with good suggestions on how to balance work and personal life. This is a problematic question for so many people.
  76. Blog for Self-Motivation. Build a site that helps people find ways for self-motivating. You can write inspiration quotes, ideas, methods, techniques, tools and etc.
  77. Site For Cleaning Tips. Cleaning will always be one of the most important fields. Do you know that there is a huge demand in Google for the keyword “cleaning tips”? Build a site with useful cleaning tips such as house cleaning tips, tips for cleaning bathroom, kitchen, hotels and etc.
  78. Website Dedicated To a Science. Do you have a knowledge or an interest in maths, physics, IT, astronomy or other science? Build a blog for it with interesting facts, tutorials, tasks, latest news and discoveries.
  79. How to Be a Good Housewife. Build a website with useful tips, guides, and advice for women who wants to be better at home.
  80. Extraordinary Ideas For Proposing Marriage. A lot of men want to make a memorable proposal. Write ideas for them.
  81. A Blog For Collecting Coins. If you are a coin collector, you can write a lot of interesting topics here such as “How to collect coins for selling”, “How to find rare coins and etc”.
  82. A Website For Communication Skills. Communications skills will always have a huge role in our personal and business life. This is a great area where you can create a wide range of ideas and tutorials that help people to improve their communication skills.
  83. Online Marketing Blog. Online marketing has constantly increasing demand. If you have knowledge here, you know that this idea can be turned in successful digital business.
  84. Guide For Building Online Store. You can teach people how to build their own online store. The potential audience is enormous: small business owners that want to build site by yourself, people who want to make a personal blog, and etc… The list here is very long.
  85. Extraordinary Hotels Directory. This is one of the fresh and cool website ideas, great for low-cost online business. Create an online directory of hotels that offers a unique and unforgettable experience for visitors. Examples here are really a lot: underwater hotels, boutique hotels, hotels on trees, hotels like a cave and etc.
  86. Themed Hotel Rooms Directory – It is similar to the previous idea. The difference here is the topic of the site is about unique hotel rooms, not the whole hotel design. This is one of the good niche website ideas for internet business.
  87. How To Start a Business. Create a site – guide on how to start a business. Include here different business ideas, step-by-step-guide, legal restrictions and etc.
  88. Blog For Wines. This is a great topic too with a really huge potential target audience. You can write about Italian wines, French Wines, Organic Wines, how to make wines at home, stories about wines, best wine brands and etc.
  89. Allergen Free Product Directory. For the past years different type of allergies is among the most online discussed problems. Create a website directory of companies that offers certified allergen-free products such as gluten free bread, lactose-free milk, dairy free ice cream, egg free pizza, and etc.
  90. Pet Allowed Hotels DirectoryYou know how many people do not want to go on a vacation without their pets. Help them with a website directory of hotels where pets are allowed.
  91. Cooking Fish. Fish is among the healthiest foods all over the world. Create a blog or a site for fish cooking tips, original recipes, information about different types of fish, nutrition and etc.
  92. Office Life. Create a website full of new, great, amazing and cool ideas for better office life. Write about healthy snack ideas, birthday parties in the office, how to communicate with angry colleagues, problem-solving in the workplace and etc.
  93. Personal Development. Personal development is a lifelong process. It’s a way for people to improve their skills and qualities. Create a site to help people to identify their skills, to set life goals, to improve employability prospects and job efficiency, to raise their self-confidence and for anything that can higher quality life.
  94. Fashion Ideas For Business Women. This is one of the unique and creative website ideas that can be turned into a profitable online business. Include here ideas for stylish office dresses, write about the last trends in the business fashion, write about successful women and etc.
  95. How To Make Business Plans. This idea is about online step-by-step guides on how to write business plans (marketing plans, financial plans…). Include here templates, examples, useful recourses, questions and answers section.
  96. Business Success Stories. People love success stories, especially in Business. This is one of the good and exciting website ideas. Business history is full of interesting examples of successful people.
  97. Credit Card Directory. One of the most profitable and money making website ideas. Not to mention that banking is among the most expensive fields in Google AdWords.
  98. Job Interview Answers and Questions. This is one of the hottest topics for all times. People are always nervous before a job interview. Help them with useful tips and good interview answers.
  99. Innovative Products and Companies Directory. This is about the future. If you like innovations you can create a really exciting website full of innovative and creative products that have the potential to make our life better and easier.
  100. Traveling With Kids Tips. You know that traveling with kids is a not an easy task. There are so many things to plan. Help people with important and useful tips and tricks.
  101. Affordable Family Vacations. This is among the good niche website ideas. Create a website with suggestions for affordable vacations for the whole family. Include here travels destinations in the country and abroad, hotels, deals and etc.

The ideas above are just 101. There are so much more good and money making website ideas. What are your brainstorming ideas? Feel free to share with us in the comments below.

As we mentioned in the beginning of this page, it is not only a cool and niche idea needed to create a profitable online business. There is so much to do.

Here are some of the best websites and blogs for making money online. They are among the best internet earners.

  • SmartPasive Incomes – a priceless website – how to build an online passive income business with Pat Flynn.
  • Chris Brogan’s Blog – providеs simple plans and projects for business success.
  • Backlinko – an excellent place for next-level SEO training and link building strategies.
  • Amy Porterfield’s Blog. Amy Porterfield is a social media strategist and co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies.
  • I Will Teach You To Be Rich. Bestselling author, Ramit Sethi, featured in ABC News, CNN, and the WSJ, has taught thousands to manage their personal finances and how to become rich.
  • Neil Patel. On his website, you will find a complete guide to SEO. Copywriting. Marketing. Everything for a successful online business.
  • James Altucher – You can learn a lot for business from James Altucher – an unmatchable entrepreneur, bestselling author, and podcaster.
  • Neville Medhora Blog – the financial blog of Neville Medhora – an entrepreneur and copywriter who has a great style with quite funny elements.
  • Tim Ferriss. Timothy Ferriss has been listed as one of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Business People”, Forbes Magazine’s “Names You Need to Know,” and is the 7th “most powerful” personality on Newsweek’s Digital 100 Power Index for 2012.
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