Sustainable and Eco-friendly Beauty Brands Reviewed


As we stride into an era defined by environmental awareness and conscious choices, the beauty industry is experiencing a profound transformation. Sustainable and eco-friendly beauty brands are no longer a niche trend but a powerful movement driven by consumers who demand quality, ethics, and eco-conscious practices in their beauty routines.

This shift towards responsible consumerism is not just a fleeting trend; it’s a commitment to making a difference in the world, one makeup brushstroke at a time. This guide will introduce sustainable beauty brands’ crème de la crème, showcasing their eco-friendly initiatives, ethical sourcing, and planet-loving packaging.

Join us as we explore how TikTok Storm has become a game-changer in highlighting these brands, providing a platform for consumers and eco-conscious companies to unite for a more beautiful and sustainable future.

Renewing the Beauty Industry with Sustainability

  1. REN: Leading the charge in waste reduction, REN is committed to a zero-waste future. They’ve set forth by eliminating unnecessary packaging and opting for recycled ocean plastic, making sustainability a driving force for their brand. REN’s eco-conscious approach aligns seamlessly with the growing consumer demand for environmentally responsible choices.
  2. Aveda: Aveda is a trailblazer in producing vegan beauty products. They were the first beauty company to introduce post-consumer recycled materials into their packaging. What sets them apart is their dedication to environmental initiatives. To date, they’ve raised an impressive $60 million for such causes, emphasizing the substantial impact that businesses can have on the environment.
  3. Lush: Recognized for its fresh handmade cosmetics and luxurious bath bombs, Lush is making sustainability a cornerstone of its business. A remarkable 90% of their packaging is recycled, encompassing plastic and paper. Not stopping there, half of their products require no packaging at all, as evident in their innovative Naked shop in Manchester, England.
  4. Herbivore: Herbivore’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond their products to their packaging. Instead of conventional plastic, they opt for recyclable glass. They also ensure that their products are free from derivatives and byproducts of the fossil fuel industry, emphasizing both natural beauty and responsible packaging.

Luxury Brands Joining the Green Movement

  1. Giorgio Armani: Demonstrating that sustainability knows no boundaries, Giorgio Armani launched the Acqua for Life initiative in 2010. This initiative supports UNICEF in providing access to safe and clean water for children worldwide, with investments reaching nearly £7 million and bringing clean water to nearly 200,000 people.
  2. L’Occitane: As a luxury brand, L’Occitane has refrained from offering plastic bags in its stores since the 1990s. Their commitment to reducing waste includes thinning out packaging and aiming to have all their bottles crafted from 100% recycled plastic by 2025.
  3. Clarins: Part of the Plastic Odyssey challenge, Clarins employs a boat powered by plastic waste collected during its journey to raise awareness about ocean pollution. Moreover, their Paris headquarters houses three beehives, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Natural and Ethical Beauty Brands

  1. Weleda: Weleda’s dedication is evident in its ingredients, with over 75% of its plant ingredients coming from biodynamic or organic farming. Remarkably, no packaging contains plastic, placing them at the forefront of ethical trade.
  2. Axiology Natural Organic Lipstick: Axiology takes it further by actively supporting the Orangutan Foundation International with a zero-tolerance policy for palm oil and animal testing. Their efforts contribute to rehabilitating orangutans impacted by the palm oil industry. Additionally, they source shea butter and Maringá oil through fair trade channels.
  3. The Body Shop: The Body Shop exemplifies the power of community trade by using recycled plastic from India. This approach provides better working conditions and a fair salary for workers collecting waste. In their stores, you can return empty plastic and glass containers for recycling, ensuring a closed-loop system for packaging.
  4. Burt’s Bees: Collaborating with TerraCycle, Burt’s Bees has launched recycling programs to combat product packaging waste, showcasing their unwavering commitment to sustainability.
  5. Ilia: Ilia is a vocal advocate for sustainability. They ensure the use of recycled aluminum and post-consumer recycled paper printed with vegetable-based dyes.
  6. UpCircle Beauty: UpCircle Beauty stands out by repurposing items like coffee grounds and fruit stones into sustainable beauty products. Their partnerships with coffee shops and grocery stores close the loop on waste.
  7. Tata Harper: Sustainability is at the heart of Tata Harper. Every aspect of their product line reflects their commitment to sustainable beauty, from renewable raw materials and environmentally friendly production to recycled packaging and printed materials with soy ink.

TikTok Storm – Empowering Sustainable Beauty Brands

These sustainable beauty brands are making significant strides independently and benefiting from the power of platforms like TikTok. TikTok is vital in amplifying its voices and efforts in sustainability.


TikTok’s platform allows these brands to connect with eco-conscious consumers, share their stories, and showcase their products. Through engaging videos, informative content, and viral challenges, TikTok is helping these brands reach a broader audience and gain more traction in the ever-growing movement toward sustainable beauty.

We are wrapping it up!

In a world where conscious choices matter more than ever, these sustainable beauty brands lead the way. By choosing products that align with your values and the planet’s well-being, you become a catalyst for positive change.

While the beauty industry may not single-handedly end climate change, it can be part of the solution. With these brands’ dedication to responsible and eco-friendly beauty, every brushstroke can paint a brighter, greener future.

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