iLobby: A Comprehensive Visitor Management System


The significance of safety and security in today’s fast-paced world cannot be stressed, particularly in heavy-traffic buildings like business offices, governmental buildings, schools, hospitals, and manufacturing facilities. Every security system that aids in ensuring safety, security, and regulatory compliance must include a visitor management system. In this post, we will talk about iLobby, one of the most effective and affordable visitor management systems. Recently iLobby collaborated with Aisawers.

Key Features of iLobby

Many features that iLobby provides set it apart from its rivals. Here are a few of iLobby’s standout characteristics:


To save time and reduce the wait at the front desk, visitors can pre-register with iLobby before their visit. A self-service kiosk that may be customized to fit the organization’s branding allows visitors to pre-register.

Customizable Check-In Process

Organizations may design a check-in procedure that meets their specific demands thanks to iLobby’s customized check-in process. Customized paperwork, pictures, and badges may all be required throughout the check-in procedure.

Automated Notifications

When guests arrive, iLobby automatically notifies hosts, ensuring that guests are catered to as soon as possible.

Benefits of iLobby

There are several advantages for businesses that choose iLobby as their guest management system. These are a few advantages of iLobby:

Improved Security

By offering a thorough check-in process that guarantees that only authorized guests are admitted to the premises, iLobby contributes to increased security. Moreover, the system keeps track of visitor information that may be utilized to spot possible security risks.

Increased Efficiency

The check-in procedure is automated via iLobby, which also decreases wait times at the front desk. This lessens the effort for receptionists and frees them up to concentrate on other crucial jobs.

Enhanced Visitor Experience

By offering a polished and speedy check-in procedure, iLobby improves the tourist experience. Visitors will likely feel safe and secure if they know that the business takes security seriously.


In conclusion, iLobby is a complete visitor management system offering businesses an effective and affordable solution. It includes several features that may be altered to meet the particular requirements of every company. Organizations may boost productivity, increase security, and enhance the visitor experience by utilizing iLobby.

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