How to Create a Welcoming Office Space


Remote working has become a new normal in UK working culture, and by that same token has become a double-edged sword for both businesses and workers. While the flexibility of working from home has been a remarkable positive for many, the jury is out on whether productivity has improved or worsened as a result.

Besides, there are some businesses and industries that benefit from that in-person working dynamic – of which yours may well be one. In that case, what can you do to create an enticing, welcoming and comfortable office space for returning employees?

Use Colour

Colour is crucial to comfort, with different uses of colour contributing to different psychological responses. Choosing the right colours for your office walls is not simply a matter of choosing something aesthetically pleasing; the right deployment of colour in cubicles, meeting spaces and entryways could do a great deal for creating a welcoming, even productive feeling in the office. At the very least, a smart approach to colour can make the space pleasant to sit in.

Add Amenities

In enticing workers in from the comforts of their respective homes, you’ll need to provide at least some of the amenities that they have become accustomed to. Something as simple as a soft-close toilet seat can be modern convenience enough to improve a worker’s impression of their office environment! Of course, there’s more you can do to this end, including fitting out your office kitchen with better appliances for coffee-making and food preparation.

Upgrading the restroom facilities is another simple yet impactful way to boost office appeal. By choosing stylish and durable restroom partitions from, you ensure privacy and contribute to a refined, functional workspace.

Allow Personalisation

Another benefit that workers get to enjoy about their home working environment is their freedom of choice over how it looks and feels. With this in mind, you could allow your staff some stewardship over how the office, or at least their working spaces, are decorated.

You might even open up some of the décor decisions of communal spaces to the staff, creating some form of decision-making by a committee in order to ensure that everyone has had some input into how their working space looks.

Update the Furniture

The final piece of the puzzle, so to speak, is that of your office space’s furnishings. At the very least, you should be replacing the office chairs your employees use; no one wants to sit in the same old worn chair after a major refurbishment or office move. A new set of stylish and comfortable chairs can be the cherry on top for your staff, dramatically improving how they feel about the space from a tactile perspective.

By this same token, some smart and comfortable furnishings in communal and client- or customer-facing areas can complete the look for your new space. Meeting, social and reception areas would benefit the most from this thinking, where comfortable and fresh sofas or armchairs can provide multiple benefits.

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