Exchange Tether BEP20 (USDT) to Bitcoin (BTC)


Not all exchange services are equally promising. It is crucial to select the best BestChange exchanger for you; otherwise, you may overpay.

Cryptocurrency and fiat for deal

First of all, you require to choose the direction of exchange. In the leftmost column, we indicate the electronic payment currency. It can be crypto or fiat. Bank cards, VISA/MC, and electronic wallets are supported. As well as 12 common cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, and TONCOIN, as well as two stablecoins, USDT and Binance coin. Payments in the stablecoin Tether (USDT) can be made on Ethereum, Tron, or BSC. To exchange Tether BEP20 (USDT) to Bitcoin (BTC) follow the link When choosing a pair, you must indicate the standard of your stablecoin: ERC-20, TRX-20, or BEP-20.

Cash transactions are also supported, but this type of service is only available in some major cities. In the adjacent column, select the currency you want to receive, and you will see a list of available options.

The BestChange Bitcoin exchange site with the most favorable rate always comes first. Browse the list and select the option you want. But before you click on its name, pay attention to the transaction amount limits and the available reserve of the currency you need. If you are satisfied with everything, click on the name to open the exchanger’s website through BestChange to make a financial transaction.

Monitoring active exchangers

The most profitable Internet services operating in one of 20 popular areas are available in the “Monitoring” tab. Perhaps you will find the option you need here.

Analysis of the platform and reviews

In addition to the course and operating scheme, each exchanger presented on BestChange has a certain number of reviews. The number of negative ones is always zero, but the number of positive ones can be different. Reputable exchangers with extensive experience accumulate thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands, of thanks.

The field next to the name will indicate the main features of the work. For example, manual or semi-automatic mode, floating course, etc. If you pay with a bank card or want to receive money on your card, BestChange exchanger may require its verification. To avoid surprises, pay attention to all the nuances.

Extra features

The BestChange exchange website offers clients many additional options. They help to simplify the search for exchangers as much as possible and keep your finger on the pulse of events.

If you are unhappy with the current Tether USDT stablecoin in BEP-20 network exchange rate and expect changes in the direction you want, BestChange can notify you. To use the option, you need:

  • Select the “Notification” column.
  • Write your email address and account in the Telegram messenger.

Specify the swap pair (Tether- BitCoin cryptocurrency), rate, and reserve amount.

If, within 24 hours from the date of submitting the application, at least one BestChange exchanger site meets the set requirements, you will receive a notification. After 24 hours, the application will be canceled, but you can set a longer period (maximum 3 months).


The “Calculator” option will help speed up selecting your desired option. To make the calculation, you need:

  • Specify the transaction amount;
  • Check the box “Take into account service commission”;
  • Click the “Calculate” button.

Now you will see an exchanger (or several exchangers) that are suitable for you in the BestChange list.

Double exchange

This tab will contain double exchange schemes allowing you to get a little more money than directly exchanging one currency for another. Indicate the directions and amount to calculate the schemes that are beneficial to you. The picture shows options for one of the directions. They were current at the time of writing the review.

Applications and extensions

You can work with BestChange through the web interface or install browser extensions. Click the “Applications” button and select what you need.

How to trade on BestChange?

You must specify the transaction’s direction and quantity to get a list of active services. Go to the website you have chosen and make a transaction following the prompts.

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