About Polonez America Delivery Service


Polonez America is a leading shipping firm with a specialty in international shipping. The Polish shipping company has been operating for more than forty years and it is well known for its dependability, quality as well as the wide range of services provided by the company. In this article you will learn about why Polonez America is considered an industry leader.

Comprehensive Service Offerings

For different shipping needs, Polonez America offers numerous delivery services. Personal items, commercial goods or vehicles can be shipped through them because they have necessary skills needed in carrying out such activities.

Some of the options available include Less than Container Load (LCL) and Full Container Load (FCL), parcel shipment, vehicle shipment and container shipments among others. With these options, customers are assured of finding a suitable solution that is cost effective for their shipping requirements.

International Shipping Expertise

When you ship internationally there are many regulations and logistics to think about. It would not take long to get your cargo handled efficiently as far as strict observance of rules governing global movement is concerned.

Polonez America specializes in delivering goods between Poland and Europe without any challenges at all. They make sure that all customs procedures have been followed, reducing any delays before customer’s arrival time.

Specialized Shipping to Poland and Europe

This agency stands out when it comes to shipping to Europe and Poland due to its customized products targeting this route only. When moving personal belongings, commercial products or vehicles then they ensure safety and accuracy are given priority since they have experts who know how to do so perfectly well.

They have extensive background knowledge on both Polish and European markets, which boosts their client’s confidence levels.

Parcel and Vehicle Shipments

Polonez America provides consistent parcel shipment services which are recommended especially for personal effects, gifts among other small commercial items that might require being carried from one place to another as quickly as possible.

For example, if you want your car delivered somewhere else, Polonez America will do so safely and effectively ensuring smooth transportation of motorcycles, cars as well as other vehicles.

Container Shipping: LCL and FCL

Polonez America has a variety of container shipping options that are convenient for different load sizes. LCL is a perfect choice for smaller consignments since it promotes cost savings due to shared space.

On the other hand, FCL is suitable for bulk cargo that requires a whole container. It thus means that customers have various choices to make on their preferred modes of shipment depending on what suits them best.

Support for Resettlement

Moving from the USA to Poland there are special facilities offered by Polonez America to support families and individuals.

They offer resettlement services like packing and loading goods into containers then delivering them at the required new locations hence creating an easy process enabling clients to concentrate on settling in their new homes without undergoing much stress.

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