6 Best Cheap Payroll Software: Online Solutions

6 Best Cheap Payroll Software: Online Solutions


Any type of business with employees should have a payroll. If you are a small business owner or a startup and lack the budget, you might want to start with a cheap payroll software system.

On the other side, there are many types of payroll management software and vendors on the market, and you are wondering which one to choose.

Low-cost doesn’t mean bad. Thanks to the big choice nowadays, there are plenty of good affordable but reliable payroll processing solutions that are easy to use and allow you to simply organize the tasks of employee payment.

On this page, we collect some of the best online cheap payroll systems with a good range of features and simple use interface.

How Pricing of Payroll Management Systems Works?

Commonly, payroll solutions come with pricing models placed on a particular page on their website.

They offer:

  • a base price – a flat monthly rate plus:
  • a per-employee charge. Actually, this is the extra cost of each of your additional employees.

So, the most common formula for pricing: base price + a fee per employee.

This formula works mostly for online payroll software solutions.

For example you might buy a payroll service for $40 a month, plus a $5 fee per employee per month.

Of course, different services have different plans or levels, so carefully lookout for the details.

When we talk about cheap payroll software services we mean plans that offer something around $20 a month, plus a $3 fee per employee per month.

There also are payroll services that have free quotes or freemium plans that may fit your needs if you are a very small business.

Before choosing the right system that fits your needs, it is important to understand what your business’s payroll requirements are.

What features do you need from a payroll service?

If you have a startup or a very small business and with one or two employees, you may need to only pay for the basic features: paying your payroll taxes, paying your employee’s salary, and managing your tax forms.

If you’re dealing with more, then some additional HR features could be worth your money.

6 Best Cheap Payroll Software Systems: Online Systems

Spending a small amount of money can give you access to a high-quality payroll system.

  • Patriot

When we talk about the best cheap payroll software we should start with Patriot. Patriot Software is a popular, affordable, reliable, and high-quality online accounting and payroll solution. It is designed to be user-friendly

It is designed to be user-friendly. So easy and simple software that you do not need training.

This is an online payroll processing program that allows you to manage the different activities related to payroll payment and tax submissions and to save your time and money.

And we have to mention that the software uses servers in a safe and secure data center.

Its basic payroll plan is a really inexpensive solution: $10 + $2/employee per month.

It includes:

  • Print Checks or Use Free Direct Deposit
  • Free Setup & Support
  • No Tax Tables to Download
  • Employee Portal
  • Printable W-2s
  • 100% Online
  • Unlimited payrolls (online, anytime)
  • Free 30-Day Trial

Website: https://www.patriotsoftware.com/

  • Intuit

If you aim to find an affordable online payroll service with a great design and an easy-to-use and flexible interface, it is worth considering Intuit.

Its cloud-based payroll solution is capable and reliable and provides a good selection of payroll processing features. Intuit is among the best online payroll systems for small businesses.

Used by over a million small business owners worldwide, Intuit is a cheap way for you to create accurate paychecks and manage effectively your employee payments.

Price for the Basic Online Payroll: $20 + $2/employee per month.

Features included:

  • Automatic guaranteed tax calculations.
  • Instant paychecks for W-2 employees.
  • No tax forms included.
  • Free live support from experts.
  • Free direct deposit.
  • Run payroll from your iPad, iPhone or Android.

Website: https://payroll.intuit.com/

  • Wagepoint

Wagepoint is simple, fast, and affordable online payroll software for small businesses and startups in North America. Wagepoint handles a lot of payroll features and also offers great multi-currency support.

Everything a small business needs for payroll processing and management is included in their simple plan – direct deposits, year-end reporting, tax filings, pay stubs, and more. You get the work done quickly and easily.

The system is compatible with PCs and Macs.

It is a perfect app for businesses in a huge range of industries such as retail, distribution, healthcare, banking, and much more.

Costs: $15 base fee + $2/employee/pay. No setup fees, no year-end fees and definitely no contracts.


  • Direct deposit
  • Payroll calculations
  • Federal, state & local taxes
  • 1099s, W2s & W3s
  • Wage detail reports
  • New hire reporting
  • Additional deductions
  • Contractor payments
  • Additional Incomes
  • Online Pay Stubs

Website: https://wagepoint.com

  • Square Payroll

Square Payroll is one of the easiest payroll management software out there and one of the cheapest solutions. The system comes with everything small businesses owners need to quickly and effortlessly pay employees.

Its automated features like integrated time cards and tax can truly save your time and effort.

Despite the fact that Square Payroll is designed for small businesses, it also is suitable for bigger companies thanks to its additional features like payroll for salaried employees, employee dashboards to access pay stubs, and more.

The vendor offers clear pricing: just $25 per month plus $5 per employee or contractor paid for all tax filings, withholdings, and payments.

Features and benefits:

  • Free direct deposit
  • Sick leave and PTO tracking
  • No activation fees
  • No additional cost per pay period
  • Automated, free new-hire reporting for employees
  • Online portal for employees and contractors
  • Tax filings and payments included
  • Integrated employee timecards
  • No cost to generate W-2s and 1099s

Website: https://squareup.com/payroll

  • Wave Payroll App

This web-based and cheap payroll software for small businesses, supported by 100% accuracy guarantee and a decent number of features, gives you the confidence you need to do your payroll management easily.

You can complete the setup in just 10- to 15-minutes. The system also makes it very easy to automatically deposit payroll into your employees’ bank accounts.

With its iOS app and SSL encryption, you can perform the payroll processes with flexibility and security.

Super fast, absolutely easy, with only one simple, everything-included price plan.

Costs: $14 base fee + $4/employee/month (first 10 employees) and $2/employee/month for 11+ employees.

Features and benefits:

  • Priority customer support
  • Payroll reminders in your inbox
  • Easy to understand tax liabilities
  • Put employees on hold any time at no charge – a great feature for seasonal businesses.
  • Payroll in the cloud: Pay your employees from anywhere.
  • Direct deposit included.
  • Secure collaboration with your bookkeeper, partner or assistants.
  • Mobile app for iPhone.
  • 256-bit SSL encryption.
  • Data is backed up automatically and more.

Website: https://www.waveapps.com

  • TaxSlayer Payroll

TaxSlayer is a good tax preparation and payroll software that guides you through the process of paying your taxes. It is not as easy to use as the above systems but it is a good choice for those searching for cheap payroll software solutions.

TaxSlayer Payroll is an automated online solution that allows you to take care of your payroll management and to meet the state and federal tax requirements. It has some features that can save you time, such as the ability to import W-2s.

While it’s not the simplest online payroll software, TaxSlayer is an able system that makes an accurate tax return.

Costs: $22 base fee + $2/employee.


  • Access from the Cloud – work from any location at any time.
  • Vacation & sick time tracking.
  • Payroll tax form filing.
  • Unlimited paychecks.
  • Free trial.

Website: https://www.taxslayerpayroll.com


Online payroll software makes it easy for you to pay employees via direct deposit, calculate wages, and file taxes.

The above cheap payroll software solutions are the best for the price they offer. They cover a range of crucial payroll features and you can pick the one that best fits your budget and needs.

With everything you have to do while managing your small business, you don’t have to spend hours on payroll management.

If you lack the budget and looking for quality software to maintain your business needs, then our previous posts 7 Best Free Appointment Scheduling Software and 7 Best Free Document Management Software can help you.

What is your opinion? Which affordable payroll solution do you recommend?

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