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How Bookkeeping Software Can Help Making Small Business Big Success

A business process, if boiled down to numbers, is nothing but an account of earnings and expenditures. Business owner spends on the resources like man, materials, land and technology and generate revenues off these by selling the final product, service of consultation. Even a cup of tea served to a visitor is a business expense and can never be neglected. Though recording of expenses and earnings is not that complicated a process, but the factoring of taxes is what makes the whole process quite difficult to follow. This is where bookkeeping software steps in and offers a fool-proof way of accounting both the sales and expenses including the taxes involved.

Bookkeeping software can replace a number of instruments used for accounting such as cash book, balance sheet, etc. One can always have the soft copy of profit and loss statement, account of payables and receivables and so on at one place in bookkeeping software. This ease of having multiple records at one place helps small businesses in the following ways.

  • Manage cash inflows and outflows: Cash is the everyday tool a business requires. All the processes typical to a normal day can be managed when the cash flow is managed correctly and regularly. The bookkeeping software is designed to enable entering of each and every transaction occurred during a day. This eliminates the need to refer to bank account daily. Only thing to assure is that the initial bank figures are reconciled with the software before starting to use it. Rest that follows is an error-free account that can give the correct picture of cash position to the business owner.
  • Prepare invoices: The bookkeeping software is provided with the templates for making customer invoice. The invoice works as fool-proof record of the sale made by the business. Thus, one can club all invoices’ figures and find the total sales. Similarly, the invoices received from the vendors and suppliers can be uploaded in the bookkeeping software to find the exact amount of payables. Thus, the businesses can take timely actions as regards to the payables and avert losses.
  • Clock the employee work hours: The bookkeeping software can be integrated with the employee in and out timings recorded through bio-metric means or through payroll software. The information about total work hours of the employees can help in calculating payable salary, first. Second, it also helps in finding the non-performing employees and take decisions regarding their training needs or for deciding about the lay-offs. Bookkeeping software helps in managing job cost by giving the daily performance information to the decision makers of the business.
  • Deducting the repetitive expenses automatically: The bookkeeping software comes with a facility of pre-feeding the regularly due payments which are of fixed nature. For example, rent amount or mortgage payment, as applicable, can be pre-fed in the software and the deduction takes place on the set date, making it easy for the businesses to plan the expenses of such nature in a better way. The software also allows entering this expense a few days in advance to prepare and arrange for the payment beforehand. Thus, it helps in managing the image of a trustworthy and reliable business.
  • Easy reconciliation of all heads of expenses: Bookkeeping allows keeping track of all the expenses occurred under various heads simultaneously. That is, the loans repayment module, expenses made by credit card, payroll liabilities and payables to vendors and authorities – all of these can be accounted for in the single module. This makes it easier to find overall picture of expenses made and due at any point of time. Any decision pertaining to purchasing, selling, financing, etc. can be made with the help of the reconciliation procedures.
  • Check printing: The check printing facility eliminates the process of data entry for paid dues. One can have the record of check numbers, amount and date stored at one place in the bookkeeping software. This reduces the effort of referring to bank statements where knowing beneficiary name is not possible at times. Thus, check printing feature allows the users to keep track of payables and paid expenditures and offers clear overview of cash flow.
  • Integrating online banking downloads: All the records of online banking download can be saved in the bookkeeping software. This software not only integrates the records from the banks, but also from the financial institutions which offer the facility to do so.
  • Ease of journal entries: Journal maintenance is the classic activity that goes with maintaining accounts. Bookkeeping software is designed keeping the importance of this activity in mind. The businesses rely heavily on journal entries to find issues or fix errors, if any. The ease of journal entries in the bookkeeping software makes the whole process of accounting easier and one can continue doing the accounting the traditional way, if required. This flexibility to use all kinds of accounting methods certainly helps small businesses a lot.
  • Acceptance of online payments: The bookkeeping software is designed keeping the present trend of online shopping in mind. The bookkeepers can offer the buyers the option of paying less commission as compared to what is charged by the banks in the online payments. Thus, the businesses can cut on the cost of merchant processing fees and get the payments faster too. This certainly reduces the receivables to a large extent, allowing which to grow makes recovery difficult and affects the margins badly.
  • Emailing of invoice: Prepare invoice and send it directly to the customer’s email ID. You can get the acknowledgement, too, for such emails sent. This makes the whole recovery process fast and accountable. It also helps in easy handing over of the job to the next person when the new person is appointed for the same job.

Download QuickBooks, the most trusted bookkeeping software, that does all the functions mentioned above and makes the accounting an easy process for the businesses of all sizes and scales.

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10 most common reason why students opt for online learning programs

Some students don’t have the financial support to enroll themselves in a college. While others can’t quit their full-time job.

In countries like the UK and the US, online education has gained a lot of popularity. In online learning, students join virtual lectures, chat with fellow students, ask questions to their professor, give virtual exams, and more. But why online learning has grown so much in such a short amount of time?

They are several reasons why online learning has become one of the most preferred forms of learning. In this article we will discuss the top 10 common reasons:

1.) Work from anywhere, at any time

One of the most appealing benefits of online learning is, it allows students to work and study as per their schedule. Since everything is available online, students can access study material, submit work, and even post questions online as per their convenience. It doesn’t matter where the student is as long as he/she is submitting their assignments on time.

2.) Review lectures instantly

According to a recent study, it is found that students lose focus at least 3-4 times during a 50 minutes lecture. In online classes, however, students can review the words of the professor instantly. They can either rewind the lecture or read the script that accompanies the lecture. The option of watching the recording of the entire lecture again later or some portions of it, is very helpful for preparing for exams.

3.) Less intimidating

Many students are not comfortable when sitting in a class or speaking in public. In an online environment, it becomes easier for them to share their thoughts with others. With more than 65% of people suffering from speech anxiety, online education tends to foster better class participation.

4.) More time to think before sharing

Online schooling features discussion like element, similar to on-campus. Students who are studying on-campus have to choose their words and formulate a thought quickly, sometimes they have to speak before they have fully examined everything. However, in online classes, students can spend as much time as they want before giving an answer. This leads to greater confident and more interesting discussions.

5.) Focus on ideas

With online learning, students don’t have to worry about body language. While body language is an effective way to convey your thoughts, some students don’t have the confidence. But with online learning, students don’t have to worry about body language. They can focus on their ideas.

6.) Group communication & Collaboration

Many programs have started including projects that promote teamwork and collaboration. Students enrolled in on-campus has to select a particular where every member of the group is free. Whereas, in online learning, students can drop mails, or have chat rooms where they can discuss their projects easily. Geographically separated students in different time zones, learn to collaborate for projects and assignments – an important skill for today’s workforce.

7.) Flexible learning schedule

On-campus students have to endure lectures that last hours. But with online learning, the lectures are long, but the student has the freedom to pause and take a break if they feel too tired. Also, the professor can use online presentations that can make it easy for students to digest all the information. In simple words, a student can experience the first half of the lesson one day, and the next half on the next day.

8.) Cost

The cost of an online course is less than traditional colleges. Students also save money on things like transportation, infrastructure fee, parking, hostel, and more. This makes online learning a much cheaper alternative to traditional colleges. Some institutions even offer Massive Online Open Courses – MOCOs.

9.) Diversity and choice of Instructors

In colleges, students are limited to teachers close to home. The online student can take French from a teacher in France and a travel-writing course from a writer who is actually out traveling, without leaving the comfort of their home.

10.) Student – Instructor interaction

In traditional colleges, talking to a professor after a class can be challenging. Yes, instructors have office hours but it is only an hour or two, with so many students waiting for their attention, this time is too less. While professors who teach online may also have set hours, but web-based technology makes it easier for multiple students to talk to the professor at the same time. Professor can also hop online at night or during intermission to address some questions or leave a comment.

In recent years, online learning has evolved and is widely accepted. You can monitor your study environment, which allows you to gain more understanding of your course. New learning models are constantly emerging on the market, which gives students different ways to complete their education according to their speed. This also gives individuals a chance to complete a degree that they may have started but failed to finish due to any reason. It is advisable for students to enroll themselves in the best online learning, available from well known world renowned institutions because the future is exciting and filled with opportunities.

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How Developers can Take Inspiration from Dating Apps to Improve their Designs

Everybody thinks to improve the design of their mobile app to enhance user experience but when it comes to implementation, it isn’t the easiest of activities. When it comes to users, right from speed and convenience to engaging them with true content, users expect a lot of things while using apps. But in reality, it isn’t that simple. Now, let’s consider dating applications. Earlier, dating apps used to be a taboo across the globe. But now people are showing great interest towards meeting new people via dating apps.

Right from logging in through social networking platforms like Facebook to swiping left and right, there’s a lot of new things that are taking place in dating apps. Not only are these dating apps are fun but also they have proven to be quite successful. This case is true in both aspects of helping singletons to find their true love and also dating app developers are doing an impeccable job at building and engaging users so that they keep coming back on a daily basis.

Now, what is the secret behind this?

I’ll continue this post discussing how dating app developers effectively utilizing what they know about the customers to improve User experience via design. If you really have been ignoring your competitor’s mobile apps for tips and hacks for enhancement of your own mobile app then you are doing it all wrong. There’s a lot that you can learn about improving the design of your mobile app by paying close attention to dating apps.

The value of editing app

Building a mobile app is one thing and getting people to download it on their smartphones is altogether another thing. Because the story just doesn’t end at downloading; you need to make sure that your users keep it installed and utilize it on a regular basis. According to a study that was conducted by Localytics on mobile app abandonment, nearly 24% of mobile app users utilize a mobile app only once before they uninstall it. Another 37% of mobile app users utilize a mobile app more than 10 times.

Let’s admit the fact that the users receive mobile apps concepts that are more sensible than others. And it is not easy to build one such mobile app that performs better than others. At the end, it is all about the value you deliver to your users and how well your mobile app’s design and functionalities add to that value.

If you consider mobile dating apps, they are so similar to the 90s conventional type of dating websites whose goal was to help singles in finding their mate. Of course, there are mobile apps that completely have taken a form of a complete website while others have focused on the customers’ needs in the context of a smartphone. Just because of this user experience, dating apps have been in the limelight for nearly half a decade.

The most happening app, tinder, gets around 1.5 billion swipes on a daily basis. This mobile dating app users spend an average of 30 minutes on the platform. Are you wondering what the hidden secret behind this kind of mobile dating app?

The reason behind any mobile dating app success is that the dating app developers very well understand that the value of the mobile app lies beyond what is in front of the user. There are many major elements that differentiate a website experience from a mobile experience. Especially, convenience and speed are the two most important aspects that which uses consider while searching for their mate on the platform.

Here are the top most lessons that web developers can take from the dating apps

If you really want to build an indeed high-value experience for your mobile application then you have to take a look at what these mobile dating apps have done.

1. Make smartphone your priority

Unlike days a decade ago, now nearly 75 to 80% people across the globe are using smartphones. Regardless of what their purpose is, people are turning to a smartphone for any assistance. Whether it is to book a table at a restaurant or to book an appointment at a salon, everybody is pretty much using their smartphones for their daily routine. However, as I earlier mentioned, not all mobile apps will be well received by the users. And most of the time the reason is design.

Right from users profile to account settings, developers can make it easy for users just by providing a drop-down option instead of providing space for typing. Even for profile signing up, instead of asking users their information, developers can make it more convenient for the users to log in or sign up via social media networking platforms like Facebook.

2. Select powerful colors

Colors are an important element of mobile app design. Because user interest in any mobile app will be decided based on the colors of the app. The most popular dating apps, Tinder and Bumble, both chose red and yellow as their main colors. Other than the fact that colors are bright, there is also psychological associations that lie with the colors. So you need to make sure that there is a reason for any color you choose.

3. Easy the Navigation

Most of the smartphone users use their thumb finger while doing anything on their mobile phone. So unless your mobile app doesn’t come under gaming category, then there is no point in using the app if it requires more than 3 fingers to function. Of course, it is a major priority for any mobile app developer. But, if you take a close look at the dating apps then you will see that the navigation is bottom-aligned and is accessible whenever the user wants to interact with any part of the application.

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7 Best Free Appointment Scheduling Software to Boost Online Booking

Nowadays, appointment scheduling software is much more than a program for online booking that allows you to track, manage, use calendar and schedule. Even free solutions make you look more professional to your clients, save your time, money and efforts.

Meetings and appointments will always be the crucial weapons of the business (small and large). Not to mention that the Web-based World and the Cloud constantly increase clients’ expectations.

So, what is the best free appointment scheduling software?

If you are a startup or have a limited budget, there are still wide options you can use.

On this page, we will list the most popular and most powerful free systems to schedule and book appointments online.

Before that let’s see some definitions and benefits of using such kind of systems.

What is Appointment Scheduling Software? Benefits.

Let’s define it.

Appointment scheduling software (also called appointment booking software or online booking software) is a computer program that allows businesses and professionals to schedule appointments and bookings.

The main goal of this software is toautomate scheduling tasks. You can arrange meetings and appointments with ease.

There are two categories: desktop tools and applications and web-based programs (widely known as SAAS).

The systems have 2 type of features: basic and advanced. Basic features include appointment scheduling, printing schedules, appointment reminders and calendar viewing.

Advanced solutions might include automated emails, online payment for services, mobile compatibility, revenue processing, custom profiles, calendar integration and more.

The best appointment scheduling software can be used to serve the needs of a range of industries including: education, financial services, health and wellness professionals, salon and beauty professionals, auto maintenance and many many others.

Key benefits of appointment scheduling software:

  • Increase your efficiency
  • Save money, time and efforts
  • Helps you to attract and retain customers
  • Make you look more professional to your clients
  • Help you to generate more revenue by servicing more customers
  • Helps businesses to better utilize their employee time and others.

7 Best Free Appointment Scheduling Software Solutions

  • 10to8

10to8 is a really classy solution and one of the best free appointment scheduling software out there.

Your appointment scheduling needs are totally covered: you can sending personalised emails and SMS reminders, taking payments, allowing your clients to book slots directly from your calendar, room booking, tracking no-shows and much more.

In addition to that its interface is quite intuitive and very easily to navigate.

It’s highly flexible features help you a lot in automating your daily activities and provide your business with a professional look and good performance.

The software syncs with Microsoft Outlook 365, Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar and Apple iCal.

10to8 comes with a free and paid plan. Notably, its free plan is very generous to those with modest scheduling needs.

Its free plan is free forever and includes:

  • 2 staff logins
  • Community & online support
  • 100 appts / month
  • Adding and managing multiple rooms
  • Multiple calendar views
  • Calendar sync
  • Notifications
  • Appointments history
  • Flexible working and opening hours
  • Customers can manage their own appointments
  • Book now button
  • Safely store customer data
  • Data export and import and much more.

If you are a small business with simple scheduling needs, give it a try and I think you will find it very useful. Can’t believe it’s free.


  • Timify

Timify is a cloud-based free appointment scheduling software that really adapts to your business needs. Customers are able to book an appointment in no time, and theirbooking drops straight into your online calendar.

The software is designed for service providers such as hairdressers, tutors, health practitioners, consultants, mechanics, and more.

It is a user-friendly booking appointment software for small businesses that allows clients to book 24/7 through the website, Facebook page, or the TIMIFY mobile app. All bookings are updated in real time on your Timify calendar.

Multiple employees can be added, with different working times.

It provides 2 plans: Free Classic and Premium Plan. The great part of the Free plan is that there are no data restrictions and you can add as many services and employees as you want!

Free Classic Plan features and benefits:

  • Available online as a web app
  • Automatically updated appointments in your calendar in real time.
  • Services management – add unlimited services.
  • On & offline booking options.
  • Add unlimited employees
  • Independent accounts for employees
  • Customer management – Never forget clients’ details e.g. birthdays
  • Display your company and booking profile.
  • Optimised for mobile devices

Timify is a very useful tool for freelancers, mid-size and small business that worth to consider. It’s totally free, available worldwide, and you need a couple of minutes to set up.


  • Setmore

Setmore provides a decent set of customizations to meet your business needs. It is an easy scheduling tool for your clients and a good administrative platform for your staff.

Despite the fact that Setmore is not completely intuitive, it is a very powerful free scheduling tool that allows your clients to simply schedule appointments. It is a very popular system with users all over the globe.

You can manage appointments, customers, staff, schedules and more – 100% free and online!

Setmore offers two plans: a free and a standard plan.

The free account includes:

  • Unlimited Appointments
  • Up to 20 Staff Members
  • Unlimited Services
  • Unlimited customers.

Setmore is a very good free solution for small businesses with up to 20 employees. Its clean and well organized administrative platform has all features that an online appointment scheduling system should provide.


  • Smoothbook

Smoothbook is 100% free online booking software with very intuitive and easy to use interface. This system also allows you to seamlessly take payments online.

It provides integration with Paypal, different payment options to your customers, discounts, gift certificates and more. In addition, it has Mailchimp and Google analytics integration.

Smoothbook handles thousands of appointments per day. The system is used from a wide range of businesses worldwide, ranging from Doctors and consultants to pilates teachers, online language instructors, and salon owners and more.

It comes with free and premium plans. The free plan provides you with a complete use of the system up to 5,000 appointments per month (this is a lot!)

Free Plan features and benefits:

  • Up to 5,000 appointments per month
  • Unlimited use of the system
  • Limited advertising on your booking calendar (paid versions have no advertising)
  • Mobile friendly
  • Seamless, flexible payment and deposit taking
  • Mailchimp and Facebook integration

Smoothbook is in use by many individual operators and small businesses (especially for managing classes ) but it is also can be used by mid-sized and large organizations.


  • is a very popular paid and free online booking system with a lot of positive reviews and a high rate of customer satisfaction.

It serves all service-providing industries. Among its users are industries such as financial advisers, salons, spas, gyms, pet services, universities, child care providers, restaurants, repair shops, dentists, medical clinics, government agencies and much more.

The system is accessible from mobile devices or desktop PCs and allows your clients to make booking 24/7.

Also, it enables businesses to schedule appointments via custom online booking pages, a website, and Facebook page. You will love their automated email reminders and the variety of other features to choose from. offers a free package and other several pricing plans for businesses to choose from.

The free package includes:

  • Included bookings per month – 50
  • Unlimited number of staff
  • Easy and accessible online booking calendar
  • Booking website in client’s time zone
  • Feature client reviews on your booking website
  • Bookings via Facebook Page
  • Booking widget
  • Automatic reminder emails
  • Multiple languages and much more is used worldwide as a Web-based software and you can use it through all operating systems (mobile apps for Google Android, Apple iOS and more).


  • Yocale

If you need more than a booking system but also a program that operates in the role of an email marketing kit, take a look on this one.

Yocale is a very popular online free appointment scheduling software and a cloud-based CRM with super-customizable features.

This is a very powerful tool that provides managing of open local appointments, user-friendly notifications, online scheduling, client relationship management tools, reporting, and more.

It is a mobile friendly solution that is displayed correctly on any device allowing making appointments while on the go.

Yocale comes with a free plan suitable for individual users and small business, but charges businesses for pre-established pricing scheme.

The free plan includes:

  • Up to 5 Service Providers
  • Business Management Software
  • Unlimited online bookings for appointments & classes
  • Google Optimized Business Listing
  • Encrypted Cloud Client Data Storage
  • Super Flexible Calendar (Viewing Customization)
  • Marketing features such as marketplace listing, SEO friendly mini website, customer reviews and more.
  • Staff SEO-Optimized Profile Pages
  • Tech support and more.

Yocale is not only a free online appointment scheduling software but alsoa business marketing solution that help you to be discovered & booked by new clients.


  • Planfy

Planfy is a new kind of online booking platform that includes a range of marketing features, customer management and appointment scheduling & reminders.

With signing on Plant platform, your business receives a professional online profile. It contains the key information about your business and provides a range of user-friendly tools.

Planfy booking software allows customers to book your services (24/7) via your company profile. The booking process is simple and works great on mobile and tablet devices.

If you have a website, you can add their widget that shows your customers that you accept online bookings.

Also, Planfy allows customers to book your services directly via Facebook.

Planfy comes with a free version for small businesses and paid for large companies.

Free version features include:

  • Up to 5 Staff Accounts
  • 200 Monthly Bookings
  • 2,000 Customers
  • 50 Services
  • Bookings via Facebook & Your Website
  • Business Profile Page

Planfy has all essential online booking system features absolutely free. In addition, it provides interesting marketing features to help you promote your business.



Embracing online appointment scheduling software provides your business with a number of values.

This system not only gives leap to your business but also make you look more professional and reliable.

Fortunately, there are a lot of good free appointment scheduling software solutions that can support your small business performance.

Before choosing your best online booking solution, make sure it provides at least these basic features: real-time automated scheduling, online booking, calendar management, automatic reminders, customer scheduling.

If you need other free business software solutions, our posts: best free document management software and free business plan software can help.

What do you think? Which is the best free appointment booking solution you have tried? Share your experience in the comments above.

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7 Best Free Document Management Software

You perfectly know that paperwork and administrative things can really steal your personal time or business activities. Not to mention that a document that can’t be found when you need it, can eat your nerves.

This is exactly where document management software solutions come to help. Even free systems are much better than no one. They help you to store documents in a way that makes it incredibly easy to find them later. Nothing gets lost, and you control better your time and activities.

Cloud-based, electronic, web-based or for free download, they can do a lot for you.

On this page, you will see a list of top free document management software tools and their main features. Before that let’s see some additional info.

What is a document management software (DMS)? Why you need it?

It is a computer system and software that allows you to store, manage, edit and track electronic documents. It helps you control and organize documents for personal or business needs.

Document management systems come in many sizes with different features, from tools designed to archive individual or medium-size office documents to full-featured enterprise solutions.

A DMS should also improve and protect access to your personal or company’s information. Whether your company is a small or medium size business or a large corporation, a DMS can cover the need of controlling the flow of information and can help you to improve your organizational skills.

Ler’s outline the benefits of a document management software:

  • Improves process efficiency
  • Saves your time and money
  • Provides fast access to your documents anywhere and anytime.
  • No lost information.
  • Protection of your files from an unauthorised access.
  • Sharing of information among many people.
  • Faster response to customer’s needs and more.

7 Best Free Document Management Software

  • Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs is one of the most popular online document management systems for storing, creating, sharing and collaborating.

The software is suitable for freelancers, small business, large enterprises, mid-sized businesses. They have premium plans and a completely free option. The free plan provides a comprehensive range of features and includes unlimited file and folder sharing, editing tools, user management, history and more.

This software is accessible from any device with internet connection. Devices Supported: Android, iPhone, iPad, Linux, Mac, iPhone-iPad, Windows, Web-based.

Zoho Docs allows you to store all your files, images and music in one central location. You can share them effortlessly with friends or colleagues. You can start with 5 GB of free storage.

Moreover, you can create a Zoho docs file on your PC/Mac to access them very quickly.

Their Free Plan Includes:

  • Always free for teams of up to 25 users.
  • 5 GB of free storage.
  • 1GB File upload limit.
  • Admin Controls.
  • Desctop Sync.
  • Dropbox integration.
  • Secure file collaboration.
  • Mobile app.
  • Email notification.
  • In-app chat

Zoho Docs is not only one of the best free document management software but also one of the top free collaboration software over there. Give it a try and you will be very surprised.


  • Bitrix 24

There is no way to talk about top free document management software and not to include this one.

This modern free system is available both on a cloud and on premise.

In addition, you can easily move from cloud to your own server any time you want.

You can work with your documents on Android and iOS based devices as well.

Suitable for all: from personal and freelancer needs to large business corporations, Bitrix24 provides online and offline document storage, easy document sharing, document editing, social collaboration and more.

Basic features for a free account:

  • Unlimited free users
  • Free cloud storage: 5 GB
  • Desktop apps for Mac and PC
  • API and open source code available
  • Mobile document management
  • Company/Group/Personal drives
  • Version History

Your presentations, videos, documents, and any other files can be placed for download, collaboration, or private use. In no time, you can find any document quickly.


  • Scopidea

Actually, Scopidea is a free and simple project management software but it also is an online free document management system that allows people to create and edit their content.

It provides you with accurate information for the date of the document creation, editing dates and modifiers names during the upload process.

This program has fewer features than the 2 above systems but is a good choice for businesses looking for free ways to keep track of documents and store them all in one place.

Features of Scopidea:

  • 1 GB storage
  • No need to download your documents, you can preview them in your browser.
  • File management tool that allows you to find documents in no time.
  • Access to the same document at the same time by many users.
  • Manage document changes and revisions through version control function.
  • Document security.
  • You can set periods for documents, and for archival or removal processes.

As we mentioned above this is a simple project management software, so in addition to file management, the system provides other free business features and benefits. Some of them are: invoicing and estimating, event and meeting management, time tracking.

Also with your free account, you get e-mail support and video tutorials.


  • OnlyOffice

OnlyOffice is a comprehensive cloud-based office and productivity suite. This system provides the key elements of online document editors, document and project management tools and CRM.

Actually, OnlyOffice is a very popular solution with millions of users all over the world and is one of the best platforms for project and document management. The system is translated into 21 languages.

OnlyOffice is incredibly feature-rich office suite that provides all tools to organize your business: document management, online document editors, CRM, projects, calendar, a community with blogs, chat, forums, and much more.

It has a Community Edition Cloud Version that is completely free and premium editions.

The Free Community Edition Cloud Version includes:

  • Open source license
  • Full-featured web office
  • Document Management
  • Online Document Editors
  • Desktop and Mobile Document Editors
  • Projects
  • Mail
  • CRM
  • Calendar
  • Community
  • Available on Linux
  • Recommended number of users: up to 20.

If you are searching not only for free document management software but for a compleat business office system, then OnlyOffice worth to consider. Definitely!


  • Filestack

Filestack is an interesting and different software solution that allows you to manage file uploads on a variety of internet platforms. You can upload heavy files within seconds.

What can you do with this software?

As Filestack integrates with the top cloud drives, you can upload your file from any platform to edit it and export it to the required location. You can programmatically manipulate files to deliver content fast and easily.

Filestack offers a powerful RESTful Transformation Solution for manipulating images and office documents on-the -fly. You can add image filters, borders, effects and etc.

In addition to that, there are filters that can give your images a professional look. They offer audio and video transcoding too. Filestack works with all types of files including documents, images, audio, video, PDFs, PowerPoints, and more.

Also, they provide great storage solutions, so your data is secure and accessible all the time.

Their Free Plan includes:

  • 250 file uploads
  • 500 File Transformations
  • 3 GB Viewing Bandwidth
  • 50 MB File Upload Size
  • 20+ Cloud Integrations
  • Upload Any File Type
  • Responsive Images
  • Document Conversions
  • Integrated CDN and more.

Despite the fact, Filestack is a different type of document management software than the listed above, its powerful features and benefits worth to mention.


  • FossLook

FossLook is more than a free document management software. It is a documents workflow and collaboration platform available for on-premise deployment.

It is a business automation platform that gives you full visibility and control over your workflow. The most valuable features of FossLook are electronic document management and collaboration on different types of projects, tasks and other business related documents.

The platform is a free software choice for both small businesses and large enterprises.

Also, FossLook provides a web interface so if your computer does not have the FossLook client installed, you can still use the program on your browser.

They have 3 license types: free, limited and commercial. The free version is a freely distributable version with no restrictions on functionality and time of use.

The free version features and benefits:

  • Number of clients: up to 5
  • Unlimited time of use
  • Basic support
  • Software updates
  • Protected data storage
  • Simple business process modelling strategy
  • Integrated Mail Server.
  • e-Signature Support.
  • Combination of an email client and document management system
  • MS Office Integration
  • Document history and statistics and more.

If you need a free business automation solution with powerful email client and document management system, take a look at this software. You might be delighted by its features.

  • Krystal DMS

Krystal DMS is a simple and features rich web-based document management software. It is a powerful way to find documents anywhere and anytime.

It is multi-user, browser-based system with an integrated workflow solution that enables businesses to store, manage and distribute documents using any device.

The software has many editions: Enterprise, Premium, Xpress, Standart and Community Edition. All paid versions are very affordable.

Its Community Edition is a free and open source solution that that provides business and individuals with various document management features.

Features and benefits of the Free Edition:

  • Comes with an Open Source database.
  • Helps you to store and retrieve documents with ease.
  • You can store up to 512 MB of digital documents.

KRYSTAL DMS is a solution that allows you to go paperless, automate document-driven processes, and manage digital content.



Before choosing any paid or free document management software decide your goals and needs! This will decreases the risk of choosing a not suitable solution.

Do you just want a simple document management system or you want additional features such as collaboration, workflow, web office features?

Take your time to define a few basics! All of the DMS aim to save your time and efforts. However, which one will cover your crucial needs depends on your choice.


2021’s Mobile App Marketing Guide That Newbies Should Follow

Developing a mobile application is not as difficult as getting it discovered by people. Making your app discoverable is one of the major challenges that every marketer faces.

As there are already millions of applications across Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and other platforms, it is not easily possible for you to make your app discovered by people.

With the huge competition, it is getting difficult to stand among all the obtainable applications and even mobile app marketing is getting bigger.

However, best and experienced app marketers will follow complete mobile app marketing strategies, including both pre-launch and post-launch. The best marketing strategies comprise organic as well as paid marketing channels.

Marketing your developed application is equally important as designing, developing, and testing it, so make sure that you consider a right app marketing strategy that market your app successfully.

Moreover, there are various app promotion companies that are popular for developing a business plan to analyse user feedback.

Such companies are known for serving high-end quality marketing campaign for any mobile application.

However, if you are not planning on hiring such company and want to market your application on your own, the below mentioned guide will help you to market your application and get it discover by people.

A Simple Guide to Mobile App Marketing

Before You Launch an Application

Before you launch your application in the app store, it is essential that your marketing strategy needs to start well. Like any other product, it is important that you understand your users, who are going to use your application and how you can find them.

This is an essential part of the app marketing strategy. Here are some of the steps that you should take before you launch an app:

Choose a Right Name

Many of you think that what’s in the name of the application, but do you know that a right name can make or break an application. It is a must that you choose a unique name for your application that your audience finds it easy to memorise.

But, you ensure that it does not include keywords that your users are going to use for searching your app. An exceptional name of the app is a highly significant thing in the app store search. At the time of choosing a name, you should be sure that your choice is not invading on any trademarks. In such cases, your application will be rejected from the store.

At the time of choosing a name, you should be sure that your choice is not invading on any trademarks. In such cases, your application will be rejected from the store.

Choose Important Keywords

Talking about the keyword of the app, it is the most important thing because your users are going to look at it to understand what your application does. To market your application successfully, you need to understand keywords that matter to your app.

Let’s take an example of one fitness application, if you have a fitness and health application, the important keyword of the app is fitness, so it is important that you have this keyword as it will help your app to get found instantly by users. Make sure that you also include a keyword in the description.

However, there are various keyword tools likeApp Store Optimisation tool, etc. that can help you to choose right keywords for your app. So, choose right keywords and successfully market your app.

Know Your Competitors

Once you choose a good name and select keywords, it’s time to know your competitors. You should research on your competitors like which apps are ranking in the app store and its search results for your keywords. You can check those app’s features and keywords that they have targeted.

As there are many applications in the app stores, it is obvious that you will get a complete list of competitors, whose products are like your own.

You make sure that you research on this list of competitors and make it precise to the top 4 based on similarity to your app and the competitor’s success.

After You Launch an Application

Finally, you have launched your application in the market. There are many app creators, who think that the work is finished, but not in a reality.

Even, it’s a beginning of the real marketing of your application. Let’s have a look at the steps of app marketing that you can take after launching your app:

Register with App Store Analytics App

To comprehend your app distribution progress accurately, you need to sign-up for an analytics tool. Here, you will need an analytics tool that will help you to track your applications and your competitors through the Top Charts and Search Rankings.

There are a lot of analytics tools likeApp AnnieandMobileDevHQthat can perform a subset of the functions.

Featured on App Review Websites

You can notice a huge percentage of downloads for new applications once app review websites review your application. It is important for you to reach out to these media outlets to increase a burst of downloads at your launch time.

You should know those blogs, who submit content related to your competitors and their applications. You can get in touch with those blogs and pitch them to your application.

Ask Your Potential Users to Rate & Review Your App

If the application is ranked in search results, it depends on its ratings like how high its ratings are. It is important for your app’s success to get as many 5-star ratings as possible.

There are various ways to motivate your users to rate your application and one of the simplest ones is clearly asking for ratings from within the app as users engaging with it.

You can easily execute this request once they have used the app for a few times. It is a personal preference how you are going to encourage your users to run your app.Make sure that you think creatively and out of the box to get your users to rate your app.

Gain More Visibility

After launching your application, you should work hard to gain more visibility. Various ways are there to gain more visibility for your app like:

You should submit your app to different promotion websites likeLaunching Next. Using this website, it would be easy to gain extra reviews from users and other entrepreneurs.

You can boost attention to your application.

  • You can also spend some funds on online advertising like Twitter, Facebook, and
  • You can also publish your application in the alternative app stores
  • Moreover, you can use in-apps contents and giveaways to tempt more users.
  • If you are offering paid app, make sure that you provide some discount offers and give your application a chance to be featured in different lists of “on sale”.


The mobile app market is constantly thriving and you cannot see a single sign of slowing down. Now, people with a wonderful idea and mobile app marketing strategy can have an opportunity to reach millions of users and make a huge amount of money.So, let’s develop a next successful and unique mobile app that stands out.

Now, people with a wonderful idea and mobile app marketing strategy can have an opportunity to reach millions of users and make a huge amount of money.So, let’s develop a next successful and unique mobile app that stands out.

However, if you have an exceptional mobile app idea in your mind that you can be successful, you can discuss it with a professional mobile app development company like Technology Rivers.

Business Software

5 TOP Free Business Plan Software

Frankly speaking, it is really hard to find good free business plan software. Still, there are some cloud-based programs, easy to use, accessible anytime and anywhere. You’ll see a list of 5 top free online plan generators and builders on this page.

What is a business plan?

To put it in simple words, a business plan is a vital roadmap for business success. This important document outlines the way a company intends to grow incomes in the following 3-5 years.

Without a business plan, it’s something like a mission impossible to get financing or investors to support your ideas.

If you are a startup but lack the time to do business planning, a business plan creator can do a lot of the job for you.

Moreover, the right software solutions can help you building a perfect business plan, can create it more professional and effective and can help you win investors easier. Keep in mind, that this refers mainly to premium financial and business planning software.

They are rich-featured, user-friendly and with customer support. However, if you lack the budget here is a list of free and freemium programs that still can help you a lot.


Enloop surely is one of the most popular online cloud-based business planning software and builders out there. While it is a premium creator, it also provides a free and easy plan that is always free – no trial period.

This software will walk you through every step of creating a standard business plan. Enloop also provides templates for multiple industries (exceptions are nonprofit organisations) and is one of the easiest programs to use in the industry.

What is vital here is that Enloop allows importing financial information to help you create a professional plan.

Enloop is an intuitive tool, very easy to use with step-by-step guides that make plan writing stress-free for you.

Let’s see what their free plan includes:

  • You can create one plan for free.
  • 3 years forecasts and financial reports. You can generate and update in real time sales, profit & loss, cash flow and balance sheet. The Free plan gives you a fast way to write a simple plan with only annual inputs.
  • Interactive PDF Creation – your business plan is formatted in PDF ready to download, print and share.
  • Enloop Performance Score (EPSTM) that allows you to see a FICO-like score for your business plan.
  • Fast contact form support.
  • Multi-currency support – you can select from 100+ worldwide currency formats.
  • A report card for your business that indicates when your business is on the right path.

Besides that Enloop is a good free business plan software, its premium plans are suitable for companies on a budget that looking for cheap and low-cost solutions.


StratPad is one of the best cloud-based business plan software solutions to help small to mid-sized businesses. In addition to that, it is one of the top business plan apps available for the iPad, recognisedized by Entrepreneur and Forbes.

There are different subscription plans, depending on the number of business plans you want to make. For one plan, you can get a free solution with a lot of features.

When you sign in their free account, you can access their great additional resources, how-to tutorials and video course for business planning. It is a really smart choice for those who are writing first ever business plan.

StratPad uses questions and fill-in screens as instruments to guide you through the strategy steps and long-term goals. Its accent is on developing not only a plan but a business strategy sense. The difference that StratPad provide is: instead of creating a single plan document where are described the ways your business will grow, StratPad pulls you describe how you’ll achieve that grow.

Certainly, most free software seekers will be happy with their free version. All (free and paid) subscriptions include:

  • SSL data encryption (the same as online banks)
  • Anywhere, anytime access
  • All reports built in charts for results tracking
  • Regular free updates
  • Unlimited data storage
  • iPad app
  • Online – no software installation.
  • You can print, email, export of reports and charts.


Poindexter is an automated financial projection generator suitable for startups.

It is one of the easiest and simplest business modelling software that allows you to produce financial projections and budgets.

Easily you can create balance sheets, cash flow and full income statements for business plans. No technical knowledge is required. You can analyse multiple scenarios to adjust the profitability of your strategy.

When you start using Poindexter to forecast your business investments, you will see how quickly you are able to start generating insights.

In minutes you can produce financial data for your company. It is a real time saver. Very clean design.

Pricing is free or very cheap. Actually, this is one of the cheapest business planning and modelling programs out there.

Thier basic free plan includes:

  • 1 Project
  • 3 Years of financial statements
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • 2 Project valuation methods
  • Email support


123Bizplan is not so popular. However, it has some interesting features that deserve attention. It is a premium and free business plan software with step by step guidance to create a business plan in just a few hours.

In addition, their free program allows you to create and develop as many business plan ideas as you like.

It is effortless as it sounds, 123. Not very featured reach but is a great plan builder for small business startups.

It makes the whole complicated paperwork very simple to fill out. Their free Basic Business Plan gives you access to industry examples and helpful resources. No experience necessary – “Magic Wizard Button” do the work instead of you.

Their step-by-step wizard tracks your progress and allows you to easily edit your plan. In addition, you can submit support requests through their online platform.

You can access your business plan from anywhere at any time. There is an option to create and to make edits from MAC or PC.

Let’s see their free plan features:

  • Create a basic business plan.
  • Access industry examples and help features.
  • Access software anytime and from anywhere.
  • You can create your plan with PC or MAC.

SBA Business Plan Tool

This popular builder covers a range of things and can help you come out with a good business plan.

What is SBA? It is U.S. Small Business Administration – an independent agency of the federal government to assist and protect the interests of small businesses.

Their tool is one of the most popular free business plan software tools. It is completely free but it is less featured than the above free plans.

Also, it is no very simple way to make financial projections. This tool is more suitable for people who don’t need much guidance.

Regarding industry specific business plan samples, the SBA Tool provides a few examples but they are not very detailed. Also, SBA does not allow customization and no support available.

However, it is still a program featured enough to help you make a good and professional business plan for small business.

You can personalise your plan with logo and print, save and update your business plan.

SBA provides:

  • A step-by-step guide to help you get started.
  • Save your plan as a PDF file.
  • Update it at any time.
  • You can use your completed business plan to discuss next steps with a mentor from an SBA resource partner.

Share your thoughts? Which is your top free business plan software? Could you recommend it?

Business Software

Why CRM Software is Essential for Your Retail Business?

Retail businesses are facing increasing challenges these days. The growth of the internet, driven in recent years by the proliferation of mobile devices, has been a boon to business in terms of giving companies innovative ways to reach potential customers. It has also, however, increased the magnitude of competition that every retail business must face.

This is especially true for companies that sell products that can also be obtained online. Now, instead of merely competing with the other retail stores down the street or across town, you have to compete with anyone who has an internet connection, an eBay account, some product stock, and the technical and marketing savvy to create and promote a decent looking website.

You need an edge to survive in the retail marketplace today. Part of this is supplied by the old adage that “knowledge is power.” An important part of this is learning how to get and stay organized. There are helpful articles online that touch on this, which can give many useful insights. That said, there are also actual tools needed to help you stay organized, and a big one of these is CRM software.

You’re Flying Blind Without Good CRM Software

Retail businesses, like any other, succeed by earning a profit from selling their goods or services. The trick is to earn each of those sales for as little money spent as possible. That enables you to charge a lower price than your competition and still earn a tidy profit, which is the key to beating the competition.

Having a good marketing campaign that utilizes tracking and analytics to follow your return on investment from ads is extremely helpful in this regard. However, tracking and monitoring your interactions with each contact after they’ve seen your ads is also critical. This is where good customer relationship management software enters the picture.

Enjoy a Birds-Eye View of Your Customers’ Contacts with Your Company

Any leading CRM software will have certain core features in common. The first of these will be contact management. Typically, when you are dealing with a customer on the phone or through chat or e-mail, there will be a screen open in front of you that will quickly summarize when this customer has contacted the company previously and how far along they are in the sales process. This is extremely helpful in enabling the team member in contact with them to know what they should be told now to help seal the deal in order to convert this lead into a customer or this customer into a repeat customer.

Improve Your Marketing Efforts

The importance of a marketing campaign that tracks the successful conversion rate of various ads has been mentioned. Good CRM software can actually help with this.

Your immediate ad tracking may only inform you of which ads yield an initial customer from a given ad. However, only the long-term monitoring that CRM software provides will tell you if certain ads do better at getting people who end up becoming repeat customers.

Sell More to the Same Customers

In addition to previous communications, you will be able to see what an existing customer has already bought from your company. Perhaps you sell similar related products that now you may wish to offer them to complement their original purchase.

Some CRM systems can gather information and posts from a customer through social media, which enables you to see their likes, dislikes and preferences as well. This, together with any existing buying patterns, can help you market far more efficiently to the best prospects for any business; those who have already bought from you in the past.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Attention to customer service is one of the most critical aspects of any business. It can, unfortunately, also be one of the most overlooked. A recent report has actually indicated that 76 percent of customers consider customer service to be the true test of whether a company values them.

Many CRM software packages include or can integrate with third-party platforms and apps that can assist you with customer service. This is the key to keeping customers that you have spent hard-earned advertising dollars to obtain in the first place.

These include chat or help desk type features that make it easy for customers to report a problem or ask questions about their purchase. Take care of your customers, and they may be around for the life of your company. As mentioned in a recent article in Forbes, “acquiring new customers is important, but retaining them accelerates profitable growth.”

Stay on Top of Projects and Tasks

There are constantly tasks that need to be done to stay on top of things in any company. Many good customer relationship management systems incorporate task management as well. Easily assign team members to particular jobs, and then see where they are with regard to their completion. Being efficient with your time is one of the most critical things in business. This type of task management lets you see where you should be spending your time in terms of what needs to get done on a daily and weekly basis.

Meeting Customer Expectations

It is important to realize that, regardless of whether you use CRM software to stay on top of interactions with contacts and customers, most of your competition will be using it. When potential customers have had the experience of smooth customer service and relevant product recommendations from other retailers, they will come to expect the same from you. By not doing so, you are automatically putting yourself at a disadvantage. The more competitive your specific industry or field is the more likely that this oversight could be fatal to your company.

Part of a Critical Three-Tier Structure to Business Success

There are certain basic things that any business needs to do in order to succeed. Of course, the first thing is having a product or service to sell that is in demand. However, here I will simply be dealing with those things that enable a business to acquire customers, track their progress and grow more efficiently. These things are financial tracking software, marketing campaign management and tracking, and a customer relationship management system.

Tracking your finances is basic and doesn’t need to be explored in any detail for the purposes of this article. You have no way of knowing how you are doing if you’re not keeping track of all your financial receipts and expenditures. This can relate to CRM software because some of them can integrate with financial tracking software.

Coming up with a marketing campaign and running it and tracking your results is critical as well. You may be doing search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, content marketing through a blog, video marketing through YouTube or preferably, for optimal outreach success, a mixture of marketing techniques. Every business has to connect with potential customers, and establishing this connection is the purview of marketing.

Once your marketing has done its job and the customer contacts you, this is where the organizational structure provided by your CRM software takes over. It helps you to glean information on that contact through social media, their communications with the company and any other means possible. It does all of this with the intention of moving them along in the process of converting them from a lead into a customer and then into a loyal, repeat customer.

Avoid Becoming a Statistic

It is a sad but sobering statistic that 8 out of 10 businesses fail within the first 18 months. One of the leading reasons is that those businesses are not really in touch with their customers. They make a sale, and this is immediately followed by them simply moving on to the next customer. They don’t go the extra mile to find out what their customers likes, dislikes and buying habits are.

For those companies that do wish to put in the effort to follow up on and establish life-long relationships with their customers, good CRM software is the tool that makes that possible. When it comes to your business succeeding, you are like a person wearing a blindfold who is throwing darts and hoping he hits something when you leave CRM software out of the mix.

Your task is made even more difficult if you sell goods that people can also obtain online. In such a situation, you may be facing people who do not have your expense of a retail store and or warehouse location in addition to employees and other potential overhead. Also, considering how challenging it is to keep a store open 24/7, visitors are constrained by certain opening and closing hours. The competition may just have a storage unit containing some product stock and an eBay or Amazon account. In such a situation, operating more efficiently in terms of maximizing every lead and customer you get may be your only hope for survival.

If you wish to ensure your personal success and a future job for your employees, don’t put these important things in the hands of random chance. To survive as a retail business in today’s marketplace, you need to be more efficient than your competition. A leading CRM software package will give you and your team the insight into your customers that is necessary for you to beat the competition in town and online.

Business Software

7 Best Free Gantt Chart Software to Visualize Project Tasks and Progress

To be able to accomplish a project successfully on a schedule, you need to control a huge number of different tasks and track their progress over time.

If you miss a deadline, there will be serious consequences on the rest of the whole project. You need to be able to see all of the activities that need to be done at a glance and their deadlines. Gantt charts cover this need as show the information visually.

The purpose of this article is to provide information for the best free Gantt chart software around – for those that lack the budget. The main topics in the article are:

  • What is Gantt chart?
  • Gantt chart software requirements
  • A list of the best free Gantt chart software

What is a Gantt Chart?

First things first. Gantt chart is a timeline view – typically a bar chart used for scheduling tasks and related mostly to the project management.

The main goal of the Gantt chart is to display where are we and what are tasks till the end of the project.

If we simplified its element, Gantt chart should have a starting point in time, ending point, tasks (or steps) between them and dependencies between tasks.

The most important elements are:

  • Tasks – a step which should be executed so that we reach the goal. Tasks have a start date, end date, duration, assigned person, and dependencies with the other tasks.
  • Milestone – a task without duration which marks an important event. For example end of an important set of tasks.
  • Summary tasks – this task is a set of task. Summarized tasks do not have own duration and resources but depend on the summarized tasks. This is something like “virtual global” task.
  • Task status – Done, In Progress, some percentages.
  • Critical Path – If a task on the critical path is delayed, the project is delayed. So those are the most important tasks.
  • Dependancies – Linkage between tasks. Can be different types, with leads, lags, etc.
  • Assigned Resources – different people who should execute the tasks.

Gantt Chart Software Requirements

Obviously, if the purpose of this article is Best free Gantt chart Software we should accept that we are not going to get all the fancy features.

But there is a certain list of requirements which covers the minimum for one Gantt chart Software.

  • Minimum elements available – All the above Gantt chart elements should be available in the software. If we can not have a start, end, steps and dependencies it will be impossible to work.
  • Task Management – Add, edit, remove, hide or other task-related actions.
  • Save in PDF or another common format – you need to be able to save your work and to share it around.
  • No installation – free software to create Gantt charts does not require installation in most of the cases, so this feature will save you installation issues.
  • Critical path calculation – Very important feature.
  • AS-IS situation or today status.
  • Baseline – Comparison between the project planned state and current state.

7 Best Free Gantt Chart Software Solutions

OK, so let’s see if we have free Gantt chart software which can cover the above requirements.

Gantt Project 2.5


GanttProject is free for any purposes, including commercial use. No license fees.

The application GanttProject is written in Java. It runs on any platform where Java Runtime is available.

GanttProject is a desktop application and it allows you to:

  • Create tasks and milestones and to manage their elements – the start date, duration, priority, notes, colors, etc.
  • Work Breakdown Structure – hierarchical tree where progress, dates or costs of lower level tasks are summarized on the higher levels.
  • Draw dependency – like dependencies between tasks, lags, leads, etc.
  • Create Baselines – in order to compare current status with previous plans.
  • PERT chart generation
  • Human resources – Create resources with the basic contact information, payment rate, role.
  • Assign and monitor the resources.
  • Generate PDF / JPEG / PNG files.
  • Export to CSV
  • Import – Export to Microsoft Project
  • Different options for collaboration with your colleagues.

In short, GantProject is a light but very useful software. It can be extremely useful if you are a start-up, small company or beginner in project management.

Gantt Project existing for a long time and it is actually the first Gantt chart software I used. Definitely, have sympathy for it.

Web Site –



Bitrix24 is one of the best free Gantt chart software you can have.

The application is available online, on premise with open source access, on your mobile app, on your Mac, on your PC.

Bitrix24 is very intuitive and user-friendly. It is so easy to move tasks while keeping their connections and to compare current state vs baseline.

The most important features of this software are:

  • Free unlimited projects
  • Free unlimited subtasks
  • Free – 12 users
  • Free – 5 GB online storage
  • Task dependencies
  • Multiple Gantt charts
  • Cloud & On Premise
  • Free mobile PM (iOS and Android)
  • Open source code and API

As you can see you have unlimited projects and unlimited tasks. Something which turns a free version into a fully professional software to create Gantt charts.

The other great thing is the option for 12 users. So any small, or even mid-size company can use Bitrix24 with ease.

This software has usable features for monitor the employees workload and identifies which ones are getting dangerously close to being overdue.

Bitrix24 offers reports, checklists, templates, report builder, and many other fancy features.

This software is might by the best choice for free Gantt chart application.

Web Site –



Gantter is a free web-based project scheduling application, provided by Google.

This software is one good cloud-based project scheduling solution integrated with Google Drive.

Gantter provides most of the features of leading desktop scheduling software products without users having to buy or install anything.

It also allows you to easily import and open your existing Microsoft Project files.

Main Features:

  • Microsoft Project alternative (especially for small projects).
  • Manage all your files, including Gantter project schedules from one location, anytime, anywhere
  • Import and export from/to MS Project.
  • Share Gantter project schedules with your Company’s Google Apps Domain Users
  • Real-time editing and chat with other Google Users.

My personal opinion is that this is a good software with great collaboration features and a need of UI improvement here and there. Some improvements in stability won’t hurt also.

Nevertheless, if you search for free Gantt chart software for a small team or for remote collaboration Gantter is a good choice.



TeamGantt is one of the best Gantt chart software you can get. It provides project planning, team communication, resource management, and more.

The application is online based which offers great collaboration options. Also, TeamGantt offers beautiful and easy-to-use frontend.

TeamGantt offers 3 different types of subscriptions, and one of them is free.

The free option includes:

  • No time limitation for free option. you can use it as long as you want to;
  • 3 user accounts included;
  • Beautiful Gantt charts;
  • Forecasting of Workload;
  • Core Planning Features for One Project – tasks, dependencies, filters;
  • Export to PDF (Watermarked);
  • Team Progress update;
  • Daily Mail Reminders;
  • Share Projects with Team Members;
  • Conversation on tasks;
  • File attachments.

The software is good but 3 free user accounts are too less in the long run.

Web Site:



One of the best cloud-based Gantt chart software around.

It offers great collaborative options, fancy look, nice UI options, and great support.

The main free features include:

  • 1 user
  • 1 active project
  • All basic Gantt chart features
  • Automatic scheduling
  • Critical path
  • Working days and hours
  • Gantt chart templates

As you can see 1 free user means very limited options. If you have very small company or use PM quite rare you can use a free version of the software.

Nevertheless, GanttPro is a good one and not expensive. You may try it free and decide if you want to go further.

Web Site:



RationalPlan offers a wide range of useful project management features. And can be available on-premise and as a cloud-based solution.

It offers portfolio management, time and resource management tools, scheduling, tracking, etc.

And of course, everything needed for great Gantt charts.

When it comes to free versions, RationalPlan offers 2 options:

On Premise – Single Version for Linux – this includes advanced planning functionality provided through dynamic Gantt charts and timesheets.

The Single version will import MS Project files and allows you to share your projects with MS Project users.

The company provides the free Project Viewer as a way to share details about your projects to other people involved.

So you can manage a project and share it with the stakeholders freely.

Cloud base – Free Plan – All basic Gantt chart features but only for 2 users, 2 projects, 100 tasks, 5 MB storage.

Web Site:

Tom’s Planner


Tom’s Planner is an excellent web-based Gantt chart application.

It has drag & drop simplicity, right click menus, task management, no installation requirements, export, and much more.

When it comes to collaboration, Tom’s Planner application really shines and makes difference.

Tom’s Planner offers a Free subscription for most of its basic features, but with 2 limitations.

First, the free subscription is for 200 items in one schedule.

Second, the free subscription is for one year.

Nevertheless, you still can use this software for learning, basic start and gain some knowledge and experience.

Also, the prices for other plans are quite low and cheap – 8,50 $ per month (standard) and 17 $ per month (professional). Those prices are affordable for any company, even start-ups.


So, this is my list with best free Gantt chart software. I hope that it can help you to find a free (or cheap) and useful solution for your business.

Anyhow, I realize that this list is not full. And if you have any suggestions you are more than welcome to write a comment for them.

If you are searching for free business software and solutions, our posts: 10 Best Free Workflow Software Tools and 7 Best Free Document Management Software might be interesting to you.

Business Software

Think You’re Truly Collaborating?Read This Reality Check

If you don’t find Timereaction interesting after reading this, then you can blame my writing style. I’m telling you: this is great software with a great backstory. In fact, it’s even been featured by Huffington Post Canada.

Here’s the highlevel version: the folks at Timereaction consider most of today’s “social collaboration” to be nothing but noise. They’ve come up with a tool that’s laserfocused on efficiency. If you’re also laser focused on efficiency, read on.

A Better Way to Coordinate Production

It all started in the apparel industry. Timereactions cofounder, Allan Diamond, spend 25 years manufacturing quality denim jeans. And although private label manufacturers aren’t household names, many of Allan’s clients were: HarleyDavidson, Timberland, Volcom and Billabong, to name just a few.

In working with these iconic brands, Allan learned about the inefficiencies associated with filling their orders. There were just a few pieces of information their clients typically wanted throughout the ordering process: fabric cutting date, product processing date, and product shipping date.

But because Allan’s team was orchestrating activities between factories in rural factories in Quebec and Mexico, with clients across the continent, communication was a flurry of phone calls and emails. Every week, the team would sit around a whiteboard and spend hours analyzing and discussing the current production load, sharing status updates, and making decisions about what to tell their clients.

Allan is a smart guy, so it didn’t take him long to realise there must be a better way to do all of this. He figured, since so much of the process revolved around email and spreadsheets, why not put all that data in a database and then find a way to make the database accessible to all stakeholders online?

And so he did. Timereaction was born.

Running a $6 Million Business with Just Four People

Allan took all the data from his company’s workflow and put in into a database in 2001. He stuck a web interface (what we all used to call a “web portal” back then) on the front end. Suddenly, his team, his clients, and his suppliers could simply log on to see where the processes were at and how soon the finished goods would be arriving at their customer sites.

This changed everything. Allan and his team now only heard from clients when there was a problem—not for routine status updates. Workers at the production facility could easily update the database every time they completed a key task such as cutting the fabric for an order—and all stakeholders received notifications automatically.

Meanwhile, the factory received notifications of when purchase orders for fabric had been placed and could proactively adjust their production lines to support the changes on the business side.

Did it work? I’ll put it this way: Allan and his colleagues used this simple supply chain collaboration tool to run a $6 million business with just four people.

But then the economy tanked in 2009. Allan suddenly found himself as a fiftysomething who was waiting on pins and needles for his business to turn around at a time when there was a strong trend for leading brands to use overseas fabric manufacturers.

The solution to Allan’s woes came from the unlikeliest of sources: a 20year old college student. To be precise, it was Allan’s son.

A Young IT Student Saves the Day

Allan showed his application to his 20yearold son, an IT major in college. “Dad,” chuckled the lad, “you’re locked in an inflexible world of semantics. I’ve got some time on my hands, so I’m going to help you out.”

With an entirely different take on his old man’s business and the peculiar enthusiasm of an IT programmer – Allan’s son began by rewriting the application using powerful open source technologies. He put a social spin on the tool and generalized it to the point that it could be used to support any kind of workflow the user wanted to create—not just a textile production workflow.

The application that resulted is now transforming the way manufacturers and distributors think about getting stuff done.

True Social Collaboration Means Positive Peer Pressure

The genius of Timereaction is that it runs on light web technology that lets global manufacturers pull up a simple, colordriven calendar in their browsers. They had transparent access to a colorcode time & action calendar.

They can see green tasks that were completed on time, blue tasks scheduled for the future, and red tasks that demanded immediate attention. Each user could also micromanage their schedules based on tasks, today to stay proactive and meet their goals.

Timereaction totally changes the concept of social collaboration. In stark contrast to other collaboration tools, Timereaction revolves not around threads of conversation, but around scheduled timelines. It socializes the concept of getting stuff done. Based on the workflow a manufacturer has created, a simple social post can launch a thread in which multiple other collaborators will later post to report that they have completed their tasks.

For example, suppose the finance department posts a PO. The supplier will then be assigned a task to approve the costs and quantities on this PO. Their approval—and their copy of the pro forma invoice—will go right into the thread where everyone can see it. The manufacturer’s finance department can then post a letter of credit. And so on, and so on. These steps will be nested within the same social conversation in Timereaction and create a bulletproof audit-trail.

By socializing each of these steps, Timereaction lets manufacturers leverage peer pressure in good ways.

There’s no longer any mystery about which steps are holding up each process and who’s responsible: overdue tasks will show up red on the calendar of the person responsible. Stakeholders can check in with each other to make sure things keep moving—and can even offer to help each other out if someone else’s task is holding up their own task.

A 50‐70% Reduction in Email? Sign Me Up!

What’s the benefit of Timereaction in terms of numbers? The application was one of just 300 chosen by the Canadian government to participate in the Digital Technology Adoption Pilot Program. The program determined that Timereaction could reduce a supply chain participant’s daily email volume by 50 to 70 percent, save two hours per employee per day and boost overall productivity by 20 percent.

Not bad. What’s really cool for end users is that they can combine all their tasks from all their customers into one calendar. No wonder more than 200 factories in five nations are using Timereaction with great enthusiasm. They typically get up and running without any need for customer support.