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Key Management Service or KMS is a technologically advanced solution introduced by Microsoft to activate all services on a local network without the need of any verification, especially in a corporate environment. In the process, the network administration remotely connects with the servers of the KMS and then proceeds to activating the server.

Commonly known as KMSpico, in simpler words it is defined as an illegal way to activate windows 10. However, there is a known fact that the software is not safe for use as it exposes the system to many malware infections and automatic installation of potentially unwanted programs. At times they even put the system at risk without even sending a signal to the user or the owner.

Furthermore, let us get to know some facts and hidden theories of KMSpico. This guide will take you to learn the launch of the software, how this software was brought to picture, where it is operational, how it can be installed or uninstalled, and what the essentials are.

Launch of KMSpico

It is believed that when the original KMSpico was introduced, it was restricted for use and put to a halt for several years. This was because those who developed and launched the software were not giving any assurance and guarantee on the safety parameter of the software. However, there were concerns and requirements that further bought the software to practical use. To a certain extent when used as an activator for MS Office and Window products, it proved beneficial.

Sadly, the negative side was more at risk because it had become a reliable source for cybercriminals to redirect authentic web pages and browser experiences to dangerous and infectious websites and pages. The end result was never supporting and satisfactory. Nevertheless, the use as an activator kept on growing with a complete understanding of the original KMS and the mirror copies of the same available on many websites.

Window Products Compatible to KMSpico

Windows 10 and Windows 7 are the two products compatible to the technologically advanced software, the KMSpico.

• Windows 10: For this version of Windows, KMSpico helps the user overcome troubleshooting problems and restrictions for free activation. Whenever you are looking to find ways to activate windows without any specific requirement or data, then this software can certainly prove to be a 100% efficient and clean tool to kick start immediate activation. Of course you are saving a lot as you can activate without any extra fees or charges, yet professionals never advise because of its involvement in exposing to malware links. To install the key you first need to download the KMS from the official site of Microsoft and then install the key on your server. Further to this, set the KMS server and activate the client key.
• Windows 7: The tool for Windows 7 helps activate the version with any user intervention but here too malware activities and installation becomes a serious concern. This can even lead to exposing your personal information and financial data to cyber criminal activities. However, there are still who use it safely by downloading the tool from reliable source and taking precautionary measures.

Removal of KMSpico

Now, when you know where the tool is functional and operational, it is important to understand how to remove KMSpico from your system without hampering the security of your computer or laptop.

• Never try to disable the antivirus installed on your system even if prompted again and again by KMSpico
• Always make sure to download the application or software from official sources
• Use all possible parameters and advanced security measures while the components are being installed
• Make sure that the system, operating system, and all the software installed are updated to ensure a safe adaptability
• Now, you can step ahead to get rid of KMSpico and uninstall
• Then run a complete scan to ensure that no potentially dangerous components or malware activities have hampered the functioning of your system
• Once uninstalled also make sure that all the supported files like unins000.exe and autopico.exe installed with KMSpico are also deleted

Essentials of KMS

• KMS is the easiest method to install and activate windows without a product key
• It is operational on Microsoft and Windows
• To ensure that your computer is smartly and effectively activated go and check the activation through the control panel of your system
• There are other similar tools like HWIDGen to activate windows 10
• This is a permanent activation procedure because windows and MS office often reactive the tool
• You do not need an internet connection to install the same
• The log files of this program are located under KMSpico in Program Files
• Encrypt/Decrypt is a small supporting application used to encrypt text
• OEM is the install edited in the windows
• There are some troubleshooting also that comes in picture but handled tactfully all concerns can be resolved


No doubt, this is an illegal way to activate windows and Microsoft Office but still people are using the same for years. It has however become the easiest and most effective way of activating without any burden on your pocket. Furthermore, the fact holds true that until the anti-virus installed on your PC are strong enough to fight all malware activities, no download can be successful in affecting your system. So, KMS gives a free solution to activate windows 10 with the original key.

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Sohel Ather
A head of content marketing department at Space-O Technologies
This is a guest post from Sohel Ather, a head of content marketing department. He is passionate about tech writing and loves to work on Guest posting, SEO, CRO, Growth Hacking and Online Marketing Strategies. You can follow him on LinkedIn.

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