How To Address a Business Letter?

How to address a business letter or email? There are many letter salutations appropriate for different situations. Here you will find a list of useful english phrases to address an email in different situations such as addressing a business letter: without a name; without dear; to a company; to multiple persons; application for a job; addressing formal and informal business letters.… Continue reading How To Address a Business Letter?

Job Interview Answers

How to prepare for a job interview? Definitely, it is not an easy question. This article contains some useful job interview answers and phrases that can help your good performance. Here are helpful phrases for describing yourself and your profile, expressions for talking about your strengths and weaknesses, phrases for explaining why you want this Job and why the company should hire you, talking… Continue reading Job Interview Answers

Describing Graphs Phrases

This article contains a list of the most common and useful describing graphs phrases in English. Here you will learn how to introduce graphs, how to explain and interpret graphs, diagrams, trends, and how to make conclusions from graphs. Describing Graphs Phrases in Business English Phrases for introducing graphs To illustrate my point let’s look at some diagrams… If… Continue reading Describing Graphs Phrases

Making Appointments

Here you will learn Business English Phrases for Making Appointments. Useful Phrases for Suggesting an alternative time/date, Requesting an appointment, Rejecting a time/date and more. Making Appointments – Business English Phrases Suggesting an Alternative Time/Date How about next Friday, instead? Can you make the afternoon, instead? Could you do it at . . . Can we put it off… Continue reading Making Appointments

Customer Service Phrases

Customer Service Phrases have very important impact on customer satisfaction. This page contain a list of some of the most common and important phrases for excellent customer care. Customer Service Phrases in Business English Hi, Mr./Mrs. _____. It’s great to see you again. I’m pleased to meet you. How may I help you? May I help you… Continue reading Customer Service Phrases

Looking After Business Visitors

Business Visitor Care is a very important part of the business etiquette. Here we collect some helpful phrases for looking after business visitors. Learn expressions for greeting business guests, offering a business visitor something to eat or drink, taking the visitors to their hotel, and offering help. Business Visitor Care. Phrases for Looking After Visitors. Greeting Business Visitors Hello, Ms Anderson… Continue reading Looking After Business Visitors

Apologising phrases

How to apologise in Business English ? Here you can learn helpful business apologising phrases and expressions that can use in Business apology letters. Business apologising phrases and Apology Letters Business apologising phrases Please accept my apologies. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to . . . (I’m) sorry. I didn’t realize that . . . .… Continue reading Apologising phrases