Resource Management Software List: Best Planning Tools


Finding the best resource management software systems for scheduling and planning has enormous benefits for your business (nevermind if you are running a large enterprise or a small business).

What is resource management software ? 
This is a tool (mostly web-based & online and SaaS) that helps organizations in scheduling, planning, and organizing their resources in an efficient way. Such solutions could be a project resource management software tools, resource scheduler and planner for HR or budgeting department, inventory management software and etc.

Moreover, nowadays there are many powerful apps and programs that include team collaboration; advanced reports; full project management features; task and time scheduling & expense tracking; budgeting and deadline settings; Companies use this tool for scheduling, planning, and organizing their resources efficiently (mostly web-based & online). Project resource management software tools, resource schedulers and planner software for HR, to manage employee time off, for budgeting, inventory management, etc., could be some of these solutions.

Here you will see a list of some of the best project and resource management software apps.

Resource Management Software for Scheduling and Planning. Some of the Best.

Liquid Planner

One of the top online project management systems with excellent resource management features. LP works with a world-class scheduling methodology that concentrates heavily on task prioritization. The system allows you to schedule multiple projects, track time, assign tasks and monitor progress in one central place. Crucial points of this software are its ability to give you visibility and to capture and eliminate risk.  Also, you are able to manage resources accurately – to assign tasks in a manner that aligns to the day-to-day availability and reality of your team. Know in an instant who’s working on what and when it will be delivered. When it comes to project resource scheduling and planning, LP is one of the best software in the industry.


If you need a good web-based combination of project management and resource management software solution, Proworkflow definitely has a lot to give. With its central project pages and timelines, you can easily assign projects and tasks and keep track of resources and deadlines. Live alerts are there to keep you informed of all activity on projects and tasks. Key Features for resource management are: scheduling and assignments at a glance, quickly allocation of tasks and adjust timings, staff workload and performance reports, highlight overdue items and more. As a project management tool, ProWorkflow makes it a breeze to assign staff, track time or reschedule projects. Suitable for freelancers, small business, medium, and large enterprises.

Resource Guru

Resource Guru is a cloud-based resource management software with that focus on scheduling that enables businesses to swiftly schedule their resources. A very useful application that keeps you and your team on track of your business. One of the fastest and really simple tool to schedule people, equipment, and other resources online. Some of the features: Flexible bookings, team visibility (you see everyone’s bookings on one elegant calendar), “availability bar” that shows you how much free time resources have, advanced clash management, ability to schedule anything you like not just people, collaboration, time zone support, and much more. One of the most popular resource scheduling software tools.


10000ft is a  Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that helping users effectively manage and use their resources. A web-based project and resource planning software application with a visual intuitive interface and with a deep focus on resource forecasting. Really adaptable for setting up budgets, schedules, phases, deadlines. Its resource planning features allow you to easily to see who works on what, spot blocks of availability and adjust assignments on the fly. Also, the system provides everything you need to plan your projects, front, and center. Easy expense and time tracking, beautiful project status reports and analytics are among the top features of the system.


If you are searching for a better way to schedule your team, Float can help you a lot. It is proven and valuable tool for businesses that is among the top services for managing project, personnel, and time resources. Some of the features are resource scheduling with award-winning click and drag schedule view and intuitive design, real-time collaboration, project planning, the ability to set individual availabilities and annual holidays, powerful reporting to see team’s utilization at a glance, share the scheduling duties with multiple access rights, Email notifications and much more.


EasyProject is known as one of the affordable project management and resource planning software tools that is easy t0 use but powerful enough with a surprising number of project management features. Easy Projects is a web-based PM software suitable for most businesses – from small business to large enterprises. Some of its features are:  task and project management, task milestones, time management, budgeting, meeting calendars, reports, team collaboration, notifications and more. One of the best parts is Resource Planning features. Easy Projects, as the ultimate resource planning software, makes sure that you’re in control of your valuable assets, be it people, equipment, or time. It is an indispensable tool in resource capacity planning.


Saviom resource planning & scheduling software is among the market leaders in this business area. This is an intelligent scheduling software that helps businesses and any kind of organization manage their human resource allocations, boost productivity, save time and increase planning efficiency. Main features: visual scheduler with multi-dimensional viewing; Drag/Drop- allowing you to easily juggle and schedule your resource pool; the ability to select the right resource for the right job; security/role based information along with graphs to visualize activities and staff utilisation at different levels; accurately forecasting your future resource needs; 


Ganttic is a very flexible resource planning software that powerful enough to handle multiple project planning. Ganttic is an online intuitive real-time planner for resource planning, employee scheduling, team management and work collaboration. You can tag resources for instant filtering, grouping and regrouping them using custom data fields, monitor each resource’s availability and total capacity utilization. Other capabilities are: Drag-and-drop for instant task management, assigning tasks to multiple resources, giving details to tasks by adding custom data fields, synchronizing resources with Google Calendar and much more. Also, this system is very simple to use and easy to update when plans change.

Retain Resource Planning

This is a platform for effective management and allocation of resources; optimising utilisation, cost management and financial planning. Retain software allows you to control your resources with  powerful filtering and an intuitive user-friendly design. You have an instant view of the resource’s availability over time. You can quickly allocate time and resources to specific areas of your business. Main features: insightful views ( you to view your planning data any way you like); reports and forecasts; using your own metrics to calculate the effectiveness of your business; talent management for tracking skills, workflow and collaboration features and more. Enterprise-ready software that fits organisations of all shapes – middle, small business and large enterprise.

Tempus Resource

Tempus Resource is a very flexible and real-time resource management software tool that uses powerful ‘What-if’ simulations to model project data. It helps businesses of any size, of any level of project management maturity, to make risk free data-driven resource decisions. Main features: Adding and importing data (ex. resource data can be entered directly using their innovative UI, or imported from Excel.); Modeling and forecasting –  resource models that can be used to make better forecasting decisions; “What if” analysis to explore hundreds of possibilities in a risk-free environment and other. Tempus Resource is quick to deploy, easy to master, and powerful enough to handle the most complex of project portfolios.

Daptiv PPM

Daptiv PPM is a web-based project portfolio management SaaS solution that definitely ranks among the best in this area. It is a very flexible and scalable PPM solution – one of the top choices for enterprises with large teams. Daptiv PPM provides a powerful, integrated suite of PPM applications that include portfolio management, project management, resource management, time & expense, document management and more. This award-winning software is very easy-to-use. Daptiv enables resource managers to effectively allocate resources against approved project requests. Resource managers get real-time access to approved timesheets and schedules, enabling accurate management of resources across projects. Definitely, one of the best solutions when it comes to project portfolio and resource management software for big companies.

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